THE 100 Season 4 Set Visit: Interview With Adina Porter

As the CW drama THE 100 returns for Season 4, a new global threat forces the surviving members of Skaicru, Polis, Ice Nation and all the Grounder clans to quickly assess whether they can work together.  Adina Porter as Indra has been a tremendous asset, both on screen and off. As an actor, Adina provides a flawless performance of a stalwart warrior who forged incredible bonds with Skaicru and yet suffered greatly because of that trust. In a press interview from the set, Adina talks about the new challenges that her character Indra faces in Season 4 of THE 100.

What can you share about Season 4 and what Indra has to face?
ADINA: What happens to Indra and all of us is we’ve got a new enemy coming — and this one we did not expect. It’s faceless. It’s unbeatable. We are all trying to figure out how to win this one. You have always seen Indra be the brave warrior, but sometimes you can fight your way to survival and sometimes you got to figure out new skills to survive and you’ll see in Season 4 some new skills.

Do you mean interpersonal skills? That is something she struggled with a little bit.
ADINA: Yeah. There’s a strength that rounders always knew before. Just to win. We’ve learned and adapted by spending more and more time with the Sky group and that there’s other kinds of strength. I get to explore a bit of that this season.

Your character and Octavia [Marie Averopoulos] have been through quite a journey in this series. How is their relationship evolving as Season 4 starts out?
ADINA:  You are going to see a new side. You are going to see a new side. We have switched back and forth between being who is the mentor and who is the mentee. You’ll see a different shade of that in Season 4. That kind of surprised me. I think it surprised Octavia as well.

Will we see Indra interact with any new characters or have your storyline brought any new characters you’ve interacted with in the past?
ADINA:  That’s a two part question and: yes, yes.

Can you tell us about who you are going to be interacting with?
ADINA: It’s a complicated relationship with Kane [Henry Ian Cusick] and again still spending a lot of time with Octavia.

Can you elaborate a little bit on that complicated relationship with Kane because that is such a fascinating thing?
ADINA: All of us, because of the fallout of having to deal with ALIE [Erica Cerra] and who you thought were friends and then, once they were chipped, who could you trust and who could you not trust. That comes into play again in Season 4. Skaicru — you never know exactly who the leader is because they throw that pin around all the time. You have to figure out again who can you trust, who can you not trust, and for how long.

When you first took this role, did you think in any idea that you’d be playing in it still three years later?
ADINA: No. I am so incredibly grateful for that. Sometimes as an actor, like I was on TRUE BLOOD for seven years, so I thought that I was going to pass away years from now and people would say: “Adina Porter, you knew her as Lettie May in TRUE BLOOD.” So I’m so grateful that I get to have a new kind of life. Someone that’s completely different. Now when I walk down the street, people will congratulate me and I’m still surprised that it’s not about Lettie May. There’s some fans that don’t even know about Lettie May. I am incredibly grateful for that. As well as the badassness of Indra has entered my life and no matter how hard I try, I can’t let go. I’m grateful for that too.

What’s her relationship like with Clarke [Eliza Taylor] this season?
ADINA:  I’m trying to remember. Because we’re halfway done with shooting. There’s A-storyline, B-storyline, C-storyline and with all that stuff going on, she and I have not spent too much time together yet. We will see. But I, as Indra, am fighting and I have different allies so far this year.

What does Indra make of that fact that the end of the world might be coming? The Grounders have lived an isolated life and now they know that maybe coming. Does it worry them?
ADINA:  Indra, as a Grounder, technology is something new that the Sky People brought to us, so I’ve [Indra] kept my blinders on as to what I thought I could believe in. Then the Sky People have smashed that open for me because their technology and what they bring into it. I remember the first time I came into Arkadia — I [Indra] don’t personally believe that the end of the world is coming to an end until I actually see my people dying. I still want to hold on to the beliefs that what we can cure what we can control. I’m being kind of knocked on my ass that this technology is actually happening. Sp she is being forced to believe what Skaicru is saying. She’s being forced into having to make new alliances because of what the Sky People are saying.

What can you say about the new characters?
ADINA:  What can I say about them? You’re going to see a different side of Indra because of some people that come in.

How challenging is it with the Grounders, politically, with the absence of the Commander and someone filling that role?
ADINA: [Speaking as Indra] When there is someone in that role, you can kind of relax in a way. This is the hierarchy. This is who we follow and, as a career warrior, this is what I do. Then everything gets thrown in our faces because our of Commander not being there anymore and how we traditionally find and believe a new Commander will come is being thrown into question. There are folks who want to stick with what we know and there are folks who want to trust how to deal with the new circumstances that are coming. We are breaking up into new camps right now. It used to be: “I could trust you” or” I could not trust you” by the costume that you wore — you were in that clan. Now everything is being thrown up into the air, “I have to trust you because of the deeds you are doing, not just who you happen to be.” New clans are being created within the clans. That’s kind of freaking scary. It’s not my tradition.

Bellamy [Bob Morley] and Indra have a very complicated relationship. Any clues what that will look like in the season? Is it in the past?
ADINA:  There’s for a a split second: “you are is why this has happened, but when the world is coming to the end, you make split-second calls about who you can trust. Yep, him and I are — I [Indra] make split second choices about who I’m going to trust and who I’m not going to trust at the moment. It’s going to be fun.

To see who Indra ends up trusting and aligning with now that the world is ending, be sure to tune in for all new episodes of THE 100 on Wednesday, February 1st at 9:00 p.m. on the CW.  Season 4 is going to providing some shocking moments that you do not want to miss.