TakeFiveGal Weighs In On The Olympics

TakeFiveGal Never Gets Bored Of Michael Phelps And Co.

Michael Phelps Photo 
Hello all.  It has been a busy two weeks, but I’m finally all caught up on 2 weeks of DVR-saved material, not to mention all of the great stuff that was on last week!  But more importantly – what’s your favorite Olympic event and what are you watching over the next two weeks?

1. Swimming – I could seriously watch Michael Phelps and his fellow swimmers for hours and never get bored.  I watch the heats, the prelims, the semis, the finals, all the while finding new folks to root for.  The one person I’m constantly rooting for is Michael Phelps because I’m not one of those cynical people who thinks he can’t do it.  I believe he can win the 8 gold medals, and if he’s already past his two hardest events, I’m not sure why people think it can’t happen.  And how awesome was it to see Jason Lezak cram that trash talk down Alain Bernard’s throat last night in the relay?  I’m looking forward to Natalie Coughlin, Aaron Peirsol and Amanda Beard as they all look to remain the winner of their respective races.  I do miss Gary Hall, Jr., though.  It’s just not the Olympics without him trash talking someone!  And I’m not gonna lie, the bodies of the male swimmers are totally fun to look at!

2. Gymnastics – I sit and watch each and every gymnastics event, tensing up as I watch them perform their various exercises.  I don’t think I exhale until they’re safely on the ground.  I cannot imagine getting up on a 4in wide balance beam and performing some of the stuff the ladies do.  And then there are the men and their iron crosses.  Insanity!  I know that both the men and the women had shaky starts in their prelim qualifying rounds, so good luck to them in the finals.  Hopefully there is some sort of Miracle-inspired Disney movie ending for one or both!

3. Beach Volleyball – I know a lot of people don’t really think Beach Volleyball should be considered an Olympic sport, but it’s absolutely one of my favorite things to watch.  I watched a match yesterday in the pouring rain.  The volleyball was like a bowling ball because it had absorbed so much water.  The sand was wet (perfect for sandcastle building) and the teams were not giving up.  It was inspiring.  I am completely in awe of what these people can do!  

4. Diving – I am 100% sure that I could never do what these people do.  Make that 200% sure.  Ain’t no way I’d ever get up on a 10ft platform and do inverted twisting spirals of death into a small blue square of water.  Just no way.  And these divers make it look effortless.  I cannot get over how quick it all goes, and the pointing of the toes, and the tuck, and the twist, and it’s just insane.  Plus, the synchro diving, which I’ve watched for the first time these games, are sick.  

5. Synchronized Swimming – I know I should have ended the Take Five with something like the Track and Field races because the one big race with Tyson Gay could literally be the fastest footrace in history, but synchronized swimming, to me, ranks higher.  I can swim.  Rather well.  I mean, I would trust myself to swim a long distance and be okay doing so.  But hold my upper body underwater, not breathing, getting water up my nose, keeping my legs above water, with my toes pointed, while I spin and kick and am in perfect unison with my teammates?  Could never do it.  I watch in awe because it blows my mind.  It’s like diving and gymnastics and swimming all rolled into one and I can’t get enough!