TakeFiveGal Visits The Set Of Kings

Ian McShane as King Silas, Christopher Egan as David Shepherd — NBC Photo: Eric Liebowitz 

A couple of weeks ago, I posted a Take Five about Spring shows I’m looking forward to, and included on the list was NBC’s newest drama Kings, which premieres March 15.  One of the biggest reasons I’m interested in this show is because of a little trip to the set that I took 2 weeks ago with some fellow online folks –

Here’s what went down –

Step 1 – Our day started with a nice breakfast together with the gang from NBC and 360i.  After breakfast we took a little walk over to the NBC Universal screening room to watch the first 2 hours of the show.  On the big screen, in a very quaint studio theatre, the show was very impressive.  The acting is fierce, the writing is beautiful.  The direction, cinematography, art direction, it’s a gorgeous series.  I’m spoiled now in that I want to go to a big screen and watch each and every episode like I did with this first one.  For those of you who are fans of “period” dramas, or really broad, sweeping, beautiful hours of TV, the show is for you.  

Step 2 – After the screening, the creator of the show, Michael Green, was brought in to talk with us, along with actors Eamonn Walker(Reverend Samuels, who is British in real life, fancy that), Susanna Thompson (Queen Rose), Allison Miller (Michelle Benjamin), and Dylan Baker (William Cross, Silas’ brother-in-law).  You can see video of the really great Q&A session here:



Step 3 – Following the really great Q&A and the opportunity to chat with creator Michael Green to say hello, and thanks for a great show, we took a break, and then regrouped to head to the Long Island set of Kings, where they were filming the season finale.  When we got there, we got to see them rehearse a pivotal scene that made no sense out of context but really got me excited to get to episode 13!  The show’s stars, Ian McShane and Chris Egan, were on hand for the scene in question and each took a minute to discuss their favorite moments from the show, why people will like it, and in Ian’s case, whether he misses the cursing from Deadwood!  

Step 4 – After watching filming, and chatting with the casts, we took a tour of the house on LI where they are set.  It’s a gorgeous castle mansion on a huge amount of land.  It truly looks out of place in the middle of New York.  We got to see the great room, the King and Queen’s bedroom, the backyard where pivotal scenes from the series have been filmed.  We were walked around by the production designer for the show, so she many tidbits to give us about why they chose various wallpapers, and little pieces of info about what to look for on the show.  PS any shots of Michele and Jack as children are actually photos from Allison Miller and Sebastian Stan’s life!

Step 5 – The gang from NBC and 360i sent along the next two hours of the show, and if I wasn’t a believer after the first two hours, I am officially 100% on board after hours 3 and 4.  They move at a quicker pace, you really start to delve into the characters.  No sign of Macaulay Culkin as of episode 3 (because the first episode is 2 hours), so not only do we have a great drama to look forward to, but Kevin McAllister is showing up shortly to wreak havoc on them all!  Definitely worth tuning in – make sure you do on March 15!