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Hello all.  Long time no talk!!  Hope everyone’s doing well, and getting back into the swing of new TV.  So glad that pretty soon my TiVo and downstairs DVR are going to be unable to record everything I need them to!  Have you seen what Mondays in the spring look like?  House, Bones, Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, etc.  Craziness!  Now back to the subject at hand.  Here is what I thought were the best 5 shows this week, what do you think?
1. Battlestar Galatica, “Six of One” – Thank Gods this show is back, am I right?  I had almost forgotten how much I missed the show, and then it’s back with new episodes, and I’m dying during the 7 days between each new one!  This week’s episode covered more of the drama of Kara’s return and her anger towards the president.  I loved, loved, loved the scene in the brig where Lee came to tell Kara that he believes her, and basically to say goodbye.  So good (I am a shipper…though both Katee Sackhoff and Jamie Bamber don’t seem to think Kara and Lee should be together).  And then the goodbye scene, and the big send off that Lee got on the deck, and his emotional goodbye to Dee – I was a blubbering mess.  I have to say, I love the new anti-other-Cylons-Cylon faction that the new Number 6, Natalie, is heading up.  Big fan of what’s to come on that front!
Favorite line?  Lee to Kara:  “I believe you,” because really, that’s all that needs said.

2. The Office, “Dinner Party” – I missed the Dunder Mifflinites!  I will say that this episode wasn’t my favorite half hour of The Office, but I loved having a new episode back on TV.  Pam and Jim are darling, and Michael and Jan are crazy.  Andy is awesome in small doses, and Angela’s snarkiness makes me laugh.  I wish we could have seen more of the other office folks.  I don’t always enjoy episodes lacking in Stanley and Creed.  I still thought this was a solid half hour written by Lee and Gene, two of my favorite people on the planet.  The $200 plasma, and the camera on the tripod, and the bench that Michael sleeps on that really did look smaller than it actually was.  Dwight’s babysitter date was creepy, but his loyalty to Michael never falters.

Favorite line?  Pam’s simple “awesome” when Dwight shows up.  It really was just that!

3. Top Chef, “The Elements” – I tend not to include many reality shows on my “best of last week” lists, but I really am hooked on this show.  I love the chef-testants and how incredibly bad-ass some of them are.  I don’t really like any of the girls this season.  I’m just counting the days until they’re all kicked off, and we can see Dale and Andrew duke it out!

Favorite line?  Anything Andrew or Dale ever says.  They’re just so over the top and confident in themselves.  I could never work with them, but they make for good entertainment.

4. Eli Stone, “Patience” – This is hands down one of my favorite new shows on TV.  Jonny Lee Miller is wonderful, Victor Garber makes me smile a million smiles, and no other show could do a gay-chimp storyline and make it relevant and beautiful and heartbreaking like this show can.  I love the glimpse into the future and the baby, and the Maggie and Stone of it all.  Just a really solid 11th episode, as solid as episodes 1-10 have been.

Favorite line?  It might be a cop out to say again ‘anything that so and so says’ but I cannot pick a favorite line by Victor Garber’s Jordan.  So Anything Jordan Says.  Ever.

5. Eli Stone, “Waiting for That Day” – I’m lucky that I cover Monday to Sunday in my column, so I could include this week’s second Eli Stone episode in my TakeFive!  This episode was just as emotionally charged and wonderful as every other episode has been so far.  I’m one of the show’s biggest champions, and I hope ABC does it some justice!  There was a lot packed into this episode, what with Taylor and Matt’s date (I really think they have better chemistry than Taylor and Eli), and Eli’s vision of Maggie’s fiancé being on the GG Bridge during the big earthquake.  There wasn’t enough Nate in the episode, but he should be back next week.  And I loved Eli’s impassioned plea to the people in the office about leaving early due to the quake.  I really loved that even Matt Dowd made it to GG Park to watch the crumbling of the bridge.  I think there’s hope for The Dowd yet!

Favorite line?  Obviously, it’s Victor Garber’s fabulous “I would like a re-vote” to the partners that had only 2 minutes ago ousted him.  Once that earthquake hit, it was a lot easier to be a supporter of Eli!