TakeFiveGal Last Weeks Picks

TakeFiveGal Braves The Overcrowded Monday And Thursday Night TV Waters

Hello all.  How was everyone’s week?  Did you all have as much trouble with Monday and Thursday night TV being too overloaded?  I did.
1.Lost, “The Shape of Things to Come” – I really believe that Michael Emerson needs some sort of nomination for this awesome episode of Lost.  Who would have ever thought that they would kill Alex in the completely brutal way that they did (I certainly didn’t believe it, spoilers were out saying that it wouldn’t be Alex at all)!  No word on Rousseau, but I’m 100% sure she’s not as dead as Karl is.  And how on Earth did Claire survive that explosion?  And what is going on with Ben and Widmore?  At least we learned why Sayid is working for Ben, so that’s cool.  And I’m glad that Sayid and Nadia got married.  That’s cool, too, even though it ended badly.
Favorite line?  Ben’s awesomely normal “Excuse me, James” and he exits the basement all covered in soot, like he was just taking out the trash, all casual like.

2.The Office, “Night Out” – It totally makes sense that Ryan is now a drug addict.  It’s actually totally in character.  I thought Dwight’s obsession with the hobbit friend was weird, but I think it’s hilarious that he’s the one that scored with the Amazonians.  What a weird world.  The gang back at the office weren’t faring too well under the leadership of Jim and Pam who together got them locked out of the office and locked in the parking lot.  Andy and Angela are sky-rocketing to the top of the “best office couple” according to their coworkers.

Favorite line?  Michael’s whispered “Best.Night.Ever” as he described why his time with Ryan and Dwight at the clubs was so awesome.  He’s so obtuse.

3.Greek, “Freshman Daze”– I love Greek.  I love it more every single episode.  This flashback to the beginning of the Casey / Cappy / Evan triangle was great.  We get an idea of why they fell apart.  I am still rooting for Cappy and Casey, though they were only together for like 6-9 months, so I’m not sure I buy their great love.  And Evan is a jerk.  I loved, loved, and loved some more the minor flashback to Dale’s friendship break up over Catholicism.  He’s so over the top it’s awesome.  I do hope that Rusty and Calvin can get over their problems soon.  I love their friendship!  And who knew that Frannie actually had a heart?

Favorite line?  Dale’s reaction to his new Catholic friend – “Mass?  You’re dead to me.”

4.Battlestar Galactica, “Escape Velocity” – This show gets weirder and darker with each passing minute and I love it!  Poor Chief and his horrendous downward spiral into despair over the fact that he’s a cylon and he’s not dealing well with it.  Tory, meanwhile, is taking the Cylon thing and totally running with it.  She loves being “perfect” and is not afraid to spout on about nothing to both her Cylon friends and Balter.  Poor Tigh.  So confused.  I love that the phenomenal Michael Hogan is getting a heavy and solid storyline.  Him and Caprica?  Good stuff!  I miss Kara and her craziness (our only visit to the Demetrius was for an ominous “Anders stands over Kara and wants to admit to being a Cylon” moment), and Lee Adama needs to stop being such a whiney brat.

Favorite line?  Tory summing it all up for Chief, “You're perfect, you don't need guilt, we were made to be perfect.”  Boy, she loves being a Cylon doesn’t she?

5.Cold Case, “Slipping” – I have been spending any free time I have catching up on the old episodes of Cold Case that I missed in the seasons where it wasn’t high on my radar.  This year, it’s better than ever, and I thought Sunday night’s episode about a woman who supposedly hanged herself in 1962 (Emily Rose is fabulous and an awesome crier).  It was nice to see Jean from Friday Night Lights and Frances Fisher and Ronny Cox.  Just a really solid episode which touched on Scotty’s trouble with suicides.  Lilly’s hair also doesn’t suck as much as it used to, so that’s a big selling point ha!

Favorite line?  Anything that Nick Vera ever says because he’s totally a politically incorrect man, and it usually plays as funny.