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Happy UpFronts week to you all!  Things are starting to trickle in about next year’s TV schedule , so that’s exciting, right?  What did you guys watch last night?  Any of my top five in your top five?
1. Grey’s Anatomy, “The Becoming” – Second week in a row, and I’m putting Grey’s Anatomy in my top five.  I never would have expected that if you had asked me in the beginning of the season!  This episode was funny.  The Chief’s intern and the sex police.  Christina singing “Like a Virgin.”  It just felt back to form.  Which meant it was time for the show to start tugging at my heart strings.  The parallel of the soldier not being able to say how much he loved his partner before he died was beautiful – explaining that Meredith couldn’t tell Derek how much she truly loved him, and she, too, was dying alone.  And that kiss between Santiago from FNL and Dave from Road Rules?  Frakking hot (and kudos to ABC for keeping it in).

Favorite line?  Bailey is awesome.  Just awesome.  Her “let us all close our knees and get back to our jobs…and help people” was classic!

2. Bones, “The Verdict in the Story” – I think this episode was fabulous.  Booth and Brennan getting in trouble in court for talking too much?  Amazing.  The moment they shared in her apartment while Zach looked for the murder weapon?  Even more amazing.  I just think everything in the show was great.  Angela is such a good friend, refusing to speak out against Brennan’s dad!  She took her contempt of court with so much pride for her friendship.  I really loved the ending scene where Booth and Bones hugged, and then we found out that Max was set free (we know he wouldn’t have beat the wrap, had Bones not convinced people – even Sweets – that she could have done the crime, too).  This was just a great sweeps episode, and I’m already excited for the last two of the season AND next year!

Favorite line?  When Booth explained that he thought a body they found could have been rolled up in carpet, boy did Bones get a kick out of it!  Caroline had the same reaction as a lot of viewers when she said “I did not know she could laugh!”

3. Gossip Girl, “All About My Brother”– Another fantastic episode of this slowly-growing-to-be-a-favorite show.  What these kids get away with is so over the top, it’s amazing.  And how can Georgina just pretend to be Sarah?  Horrid.  And then there’s the whole Eric-is-gay storyline that we saw coming a mile away (no thanks to Kelly Rutherford spilling the beans in an interview a month or so ago).  Glad that Asher kid is gone – he was a punk, and I thought he brought down the otherwise stellar performances of the bunch.  I love the Blair and Jenny war – there’s no way that Jenny is just going to give up, is there?  Also, this week was definitely lacking in Chuck, but hopefully, that will be remedied in this week’s new installment!   Oh and Serena killed someone?  Say what?

Favorite line?  “It’s kind of hard to party after the gay bomb drops.”  That Hazel and her one liners….hilarious.

4. How I Met Your Mother, “Rebound Bro” – Stella has to be the mother, right?  I hope so.  I love Josh Radnor and Sarah Chalke together!  Know who else I love?  Will Forte.  He’s one of my favorite Saturday Night Live guys and you can see when he’s given funny material, he knocks it out of the park.  He was a great rebound bro for Barney.  And I’m still not okay with the fact that Ted is not okay with Barney, but is out having beers with Robin.  Not cool.

Favorite line?  Barney explaining Randy’s rank on the Bro-meter:  “You’re the Assistant Undersecretary of Only Okay” and Randy’s follow up with “I will not let you down”.

5. Battlestar Galactica, “Faith” – It was between this and Lost this week, and the whole Natalie kills Chip!Six rather than Anders doing it because Chip!Six totally killed Barolay just because Barolay totally killed Chip!Six on Caprica was solid enough to throw this episode past Lost on the ratings scale (were this a Take 6 or Take 7 Gal column, Lost would have made it)!  I worry for Felix Gaeta (but not too much.  Because I think if he bites it, we’ll see him resurrect somewhere, and soon, because he’s my pick for Final Fiver).  We finally get some movement on the Earth front, with Kara realizing that the Basestar she needed to visit was part of her paintings.  And she finally got to hear the revelation that she’s a harbinger of death.  Still a huge fan of Leoben.  I worried a bit about Athena, but I think she’s sticking with the Humans all the way, especially after she wouldn’t even touch her dying fellow 8.  I am also SO glad that Helo and Athena were essentially reunited when the Raptor made it back with like seconds to spare!  I actually could have done without most of the Roslin scenes, but the Bill/Roslin scene was nice.  They better get some lovin’ before she bites it or before the show is over, whichever comes first!

Favorite line?  I loved Sam’s “I’m right here with you” to the dying 8.  Without saying it, he’s slowly giving away the fact that he is a Cylon (with his compassion for the dying “machine” and the fact that he so desperately wanted to touch the goo that connects them to the central system).