TakeFiveGal Last Weeks Picks

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Another great week of TV.  Let’s take a minute to mourn the fabulous Men in Trees, whose shoddy treatment by ABC led to a premature cancellation.  Moving on, here’s a bit of what I found fascinating on TV last week:
1.Bones, “The Baby in the Bough” – Booth and Bones are my favorite couple on TV.  Who cares that they’re not officially a couple, I love them together.  And this episode, where a baby was suddenly thrown in the mix, had B&B thinking ahead to the future.  I really like the idea that both Booth and Bones picture each other in the future, whether it’s fishing as a family, or watching TV on the 103” TV that Bones may someday buy with her 7 figure advances on books.  Everyone on the team was used to great effect this week, and I hope that the show never changes.

Favorite line?  Hands down, had to be Bones’ “Dancing phalanges” when she was trying to calm baby Andy down.

2.Grey’s Anatomy, “Piece of My Heart” – I love Addison Montgomery(-Shepherd).  I was so pissed when she was given her own show, because Grey’s hasn’t been the same since.  And don’t even get me started on Private Practice.  But this week’s episode of Grey’s really seemed back in top form.  Meredith wasn’t as whiney, Bailey was ever so heart breaking, there was limited Rose time, and the Erika/Callie relationship was called out for what it is or what it’s becoming.  Callie deserves to be happy after the Gizzie trainwreck, so let’s hope she wises up and gives Erika a chance!  Don’t get me wrong, I’d totally pick Sloan over everyone, but still!

Favorite line?  Christina’s “I’m trying to talk girl” because she was just so bad at it.  The whole lunch scene, where she was trying to hear everyone’s feelings was classic, and so welcome!

3.The Big Bang Theory, “The Nerdvana Annihilation”– One of the main reasons I included this show this week is for the amazing scene where our four “nerds” time traveled.  With fast motion and lights and whistles, it was amazing physical comedy at its best.  This show seems to get better with each episode.  I understand that they need Penny to make the whole Nerds-interacting-with-pretty-people storyline make sense, but she’s probably the one thing I can do without.

Favorite line?  “Oh, I never joke when it comes to vertigo.”  Sheldon, and his portrayer Jim Parsons, are just amazing.

4.Battlestar Galactica, “The Road Less Traveled” – Boy that Starbuck is one frakked up being, isn’t she?  Glad to see Leoben show up again (he’s my favorite Cylon), but someone better knock some sense into Starbuck before she blows them all up.  Poor Matthias.  I liked her, even if she was only on the show now and again.  Not enough Tigh or Adama(s) or the Pres this week.  But I was a big fan of Aaron Douglas’ performance this week, specifically the scene where he contemplated suicide.  The show got me again when Baltar came to Tyrol and at the end of Baltar’s speech, Tyrol held out his hand.  Just a beautiful moment between a crazy and a Cylon.

Favorite line?  “I cannot follow that order.”  Could Helo be any cooler?  He tries as best he can to support his friend, but realizes that she’s totally nuts, so he does the best he can to let her down gently.

5.Lost, “Something Nice Back Home” – I debated on including this in the top 5 this week, but when it all comes down to it, this show is still eons above some other stuff on TV, and I’ll take a mediocre episode over the best episode of, say, Farmer Wants a Wife!  I’m a Jack and Kate fan, a Jater if you will, so all of the lovey-dovey them stuff was nice to see in the future, even if Jack and his paranoia and Kate and her inability to trust did appear to blow them up.  I’m excited for the rest of the season, aren’t you all?

Favorite line?  “He’s not even related to you.”  When Jack said that, I totally believed that in the future, he knows that Aaron is his nephew.  Maybe I’m wrong, but it seems like it.