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Hello all.  What a good week we had!  Lots of great TV this week – here are just my top five!
1. The Office, “Chair Model” or “Parking” – BJ Novak wrote this week’s episode, and I think it had some of the funniest Office moments of the season!  Andy losing a penny loafer, Kevin crying over his walk into the office.  Michael’s desperate attempts to be matched up with someone as amazing as the chair model.  It was classic Office, and I definitely laughed out loud for the majority of the show.  Oh, and of course I’m forgetting the most important part – Jim bought a ring for Pam.  A bit creepy that it was a week after they started dating, but still, totally aw inducing!
Favorite line?  Jim to Pam:  “Pam….will you wait for me a minute while I tie my shoe?” because who else thought that this moment could be it?

2. Eli Stone, “Soul Free” – The season finale of the new year’s best new show was exactly what it needed to be.  Jonny Lee Miller is amazing.  He so needs to be nominated for something for his performance in this episode (not to mention the whole 13 episode season).  Who doesn’t love Victor Garber?  When he was at Eli’s bed side, I got teary-eyed, and then a half hour later, he made me grin ear to ear as he sang with Patti.  Just so good – not enough words to describe how much I love this show!
Favorite line?  Victor Garber’s “please wake up” at Eli’s bedside.

3. Battlestar Galactica, “The Ties that Bind”– I felt that this episode really dug deep into the darkness that this show does so well.  We didn’t learn much, but it still kept me enraptured, and totally in love with the show.  Things we know or realize in this episode:  Kara is probably crazy.  Sam still loves her.  Helo is just an awesome dude.  Natalie the Six is fierce.  Cavils are insane.  The pres hates Lee, and Zarek totally knows it.  But we also get to see a little progression on the “what happens when people find out that we’re cylons” from Tyrol, Tori, and Tigh’s point of view.  Sadly, in the case of the over-utilized, unable-to-convey-emotions-like-the-rest-of-the-cast Cally Tyrol, what happened is she bites the big one.  
Favorite line?  Natalie about the Cavils – “They’re trying to kill us!”

4. Bones, “The Man in the Mud” – I love Bones.  I’m so glad that we got a brand new episode this week!  Booth and Brennan are so in love.  They don’t need to be an official couple to show it!  I loved the double date with Sweets and his lady.  I loved the no take backs, no changesies.  Just everything about this show makes me smile.  Even the 1 minute we saw Jack and Angela together, was enough to show that they’re totally still in love and are just awesome.  I have to say that I felt the murderer was pretty obvious from the start, but I still loved how they proved it, and I loved seeing my second-cousin-by-marriage (gotta hold onto the small celebrity-connectiosn ha) Andrew Lawrence on screen for a bit – huge Lawrence brothers fan!
Favorite line?  Bones to Sweets, “You want to come with us?  To the bowling rink?”  She’s so awesome.

5. Samantha Who?, “The Boss” – I will watch Timothy Olyphant in anything, which is why I’ve recently purchased Hitman for a discounted cost!  That said, his role on Samantha Who? was fabulous!  Coming back into Sam’s life as a former lover she totally doesn’t remember, only to have her start to possibly understand why she might have feelings for him, but at the same time, realizing how much she misses and loves Todd.  It’s just good TV.  In my opinion, there was too much of Jennifer Esposito’s over the top Andrea, but I loved the romance novel subplot with Dena.
Favorite line?  Samantha, recounting what she does and doesn’t remember “I’m still a little funny about what an REO Speedwagon is!”