TakeFiveGal Last Look At The Olympics

Top 5 TakeFiveGal Olympic Moments

Michael Phelps Photo
I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do without The Olympics.  I’ve devoted a whole lot of time to watching hours of coverage I have never watched before.  Here are my top 5 moments of the games –

1.  Michael Phelps beats Cavic – Sure, Michael set lots of records, and he had some pretty amazing swims.  To me, there was no better swim than his .01 win over Milorad “Also Michael” Cavic.  It was exciting down to the last .01 second and not even his mother or coach could tell that he won.  To see him break into his celebration in the pool – he showed he was just another young guy happy to be winning it all.

2.  Shawn Johnson gets her gold – Shawn was robbed of a gold medal in the all-around.  Honestly, she deserved better scores than she got and should have been in a better position to take the gold from friend/rival Nastia.  I was so happy when she finally got the gold on balance beam!  She totally deserved it and I can’t wait to follow her career to London in 2012!

3.  Volleyball -  I watched as much volleyball as I could this year – beach and indoor.  I now have a crush on Phil Dalhausser and Kerry Walsh.  I cried my eyes out when the men won indoor volleyball just to see Hugh McCutcheon so moved by what had transpired.  It totally made me reminisce about my fun volleyball gym classes in middle and high school.  Kind of makes me want to go join a team!  At 5’2” on a good day, that may not work out for me!

4.  Jason Lezak -  I didn’t really want to include two swimming events on this but I have to take a minute to point out that Lezak is one of the reasons that Michael Phelps even had a slight chance at his amazing record.  Would Michael have his 8 gold medals if Jason Lezak hadn’t performed a miracle swim in that 4X100 free relay?  That was amazing. The kind of event that made me get off the couch and pace as I watched the final leg.  I’m not sure I’ll see that kind of race again in the near future!

5.  Jeremy Wariner redeems himself – I was so sad when LaShawn Merritt beat Jeremy in the 400.  I just love Jeremy and was hoping to see him win.   So when he took off in that final leg of the 4X400 relay, I was so thrilled to see him take it and celebrate as the gold medal winner he is!