TakeFiveGal Is Ready For Fall TV

These Are The Things That Make Fall TV Exciting

Well, gang, we are winding down on a crazy summer of great TV, but I am absolutely ready for the new fall season to start!  Here is what I’m most excited for (not show wise, we’ll cover that in the Fall Preview).  These are the things that make Fall TV exciting!

1. First Cancellation – I love waiting for the hammer to drop on the first cancellation of the season!  I know it’s never cool when your favorite show is being canceled (READ: Moonlight fans still recovering), but I always like putting money on which one I think will be the first to go.  I worry for NBC’s Kath and Kim – will enough people tune in?  What about Christian Slater’s My Own Worst Enemy or Jason O’Mara’s Life on Mars?  There is nothing wrong with these shows, per se, but I think they’re all on the preemptive chopping block.

2. No reruns for a few weeks – One of my favorite things about the fall TV season is the ability to find hours upon hours of TV on 6 nights a week so I have something write about and debate about and talk about at work the next day!  It gets hard to start a watercooler conversation about a brand new Swingtown, versus October when we can talk about a brand new Pushing Daisies, Private Practice, Dirty Sexy Money, and that’s just on ABC.

3. Football – I know it might be atypical of a TV fan to want Football on the weekly schedule to interrupt hours of brand new TV, but I love football games on Sunday nights.  They are an excuse for me to go to my cousins’ houses and eat way too much food and yell obscenities at the Eagles as the true fair-weather fan that I am!  

4. Watching TV in the dark – What I mean by that of course is that in the fall, it gets darker, faster, so I don’t really feel as guilty watching TV at 8PM in September as I do in August.  There’s something psychological about the fact that the outside is telling me to stay in and watch Prison Break.

5. Fantasy Teevee – I’m big into fantasy football at work and a few years ago, I got started on a game called Fantasy Teevee.  After a nice summer off, we’re back to work on FTV for the fall, and I cannot wait.  It totally makes TV worth watching!