TakeFiveGal Is Back!

Long time no see folks! Time once again to get right back into the “favorite shows I watched last week” game!

1. The Office, “Customer Survey” – This episode was one of my favorites so far this season. I found myself laughing out loud at various parts. Jim and Pam with the tiny little blue tooths (is that pluralized “blue teeth”?). At the same time, I love that there was some drama for them, too. Nothing they can’t get through, but it’s a good setup. Also, the Angela/Andy getting married at Dwight’s farm is brilliant. And the Kelly and Michael breakdown in the office was perfection! You so know it was just Mindy and Steve breaking down.

2. Privileged, “All About Defining Yourself” – The best show you’re not watching, I swear! This week’s episode dealt with Rose and Sage having their first real fight about their future, and what it holds for them. And then there was the adorable Megan getting into some trouble with Laurel because she’s found out something that she wasn’t supposed to. Not to mention how amazing Charlie is, and the growing relationship Megan’s got with Will. This show is just charming, and fantastic, and wonderful. You all need to start tuning in!! Sarah Drew is in the upcoming episode, people!

3. Prison Break, “Greatness Achieved” – This season of Prison Break is brilliant! It had me on the edge of my seat, wondering who was going to die, worrying that it would be Sucre or Michael or (worst possible) Alex! Seeing Wyatt finally get it, and Bellick’s hero’s death? Fantastic. Only bad part? Anything involving T-Bag, and that time when Gretchen kissed that old guy

4. Gossip Girl, “There Might Be Blood” – I kind of love that Little J totally kicks ass now that she’s making out with Nate Archibald, wearing super thick black eyeliner, and designing dresses that she didn’t seem to enjoy designing last year. I was worried that I wouldn’t like Chuck and Blair without their continual back and forth, but I kind of like this new turn of events where they are sort of civil and still kind of in love. Brilliant. My only complaint is that they need to learn how to do something with Serena because she annoys me. Oh, and I LOVE Lily!

5. The Big Bang Theory, “The Cooper-Nowitzki Theorem” – I feel bad for Johnny Galecki because while he’s totally awesome and this is his show, Jim Parsons is taking over as Sheldon and totally owning it. I just loved this episode where he inadvertently gets involved with an undergrad student. The relationship, born out of a need for Sheldon to get one of his theories tackled, is totally dysfunctional and amazing all in one. This show gets better week to week!