TakeFiveGal Is Already Excited For The Oscars

TakeFiveGal Weighs In On The Upcoming Oscars

I wanted to take a minute to reflect on the too-short career of a man we’re all going to miss, Heath Ledger.  He should have lived to win too many Oscars to count, and sadly, that won’t happen.  

That said, let’s move on and chat a little bit about what I am excited for from the 80th Academy Awards since nominations came out last Tuesday, shall we?

1.  Four nominations for Juno, including Best Picture – The minute I sat down and started watching this film back in November, I was hooked.  Everything about it is fabulous, starting with the great dialogue from nominee Diablo Cody (original screenplay), to the brilliant direction by nominee Jason Reitman (best direction), the wonderful soundtrack, and the acting, first and foremost, the acting done by nominee Ellen Page (outstanding lead actress).  I’ve seen all of her other movies, and I have to say that she really has a talent that no one her age really possesses.  The movie has it all – if I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a zillion times – go see Juno and you will not be disappointed!

2.  Daniel Day Lewis – he makes me want to be an actor.  I was in a play when I was 12, and that’s really the extent of my acting capability but watching him, how he interacts with people, the incredible characters he plays.  He gives me inspiration to go try out for community theatre!  His acceptance speech at the SAG awards moved me to tears because he genuinely cares about his fellow man, and dedicating his award to Heath Ledger because Heath inspired him, just shows what at truly wonderful man he really is.  There Will Be Blood is an inspired piece of work.  Frightening, but inspirational at the same time – this movie and Daniel Day Lewis are mind blowing.

3.  No Country for Old Men – just the craziest cast of people assembled – Javier Bardem, Tommy Lee Jones, Josh Brolin, to name a few.  They’re all simply wonderful in their roles and I’m glad to see them all getting some recognition in this award season.  Another frightening and inspirational movie, it’s really deserving of all the applause it’s been receiving.

4.  Best Original song nominees – they’re all on my IPOD.  I listen to them at least once a day.  I am incredibly overwhelmingly in love with the movie Once and the songs that are in that film are just fabulous.  At the same time, when I saw August Rush, I was literally blown away by the voices on Raise It Up.  And Enchanted is that adorably sweet movie that makes me happy to be a Disney fan.  The two songs done by Amy Adams are delightful and she’s such a perfect Disney Princess, and the third Enchanted song (at least in the movie, not on the soundtrack) has Patrick Dempsey whispering a little love song into his Giselle’s ear.  I’m happy with the whole category!

5.  The Red Carpet – I had a good time watching the train wreck that is Debbie Matenopoulous at the SAGs….but I seriously hope that Ryan Seacrest is healthy by the time the Oscars roll around because as much as he gets on my nerves, he’s a good interviewer, and he doesn’t molest guests, that much, and he doesn’t tell other guests about molesting those guests because he’s too drunk to function.  I love the dresses and the uncomfortable nominees discussing their movies with the folks from E!, people that they don’t know but are really nice to.  It’s almost as much fun as the cut-short speeches we see during the ceremony.