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TakeFiveGal Heads To Comic Con

TakeFiveGal Heads To Comic Con


TakeFive LogoThe five things I Want To Accomplish At Comic Con

Heading to Comic-Con this week and there are so many things I plan to accomplish – here are just a few things that are at the top of my list!

1.    Congratulate Lee Pace and Kristen Chenowith on their Emmy nominations.  I just want the opportunity to spend 2-3 minutes with each of them to say “good job, I love you, marry me (to Lee) or be my best friend (to Cheno).” Along those same lines, I want 2-3 minutes to say to Anna Friel and Chi McBride “You were robbed, etc.”  

2.    Fill my camera card with as many pictures as it will allow.  I’m actually taking along three this year, in an effort to capture every minute of every panel I’m at on my trusty little digital.  I’ve even gone so far as to change shutter speed so that I can snap, snap, snap. Think about it – when the pictures are printed, they’ll be like a live action flip book!

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3.    Make it on time without needing to stand up at any of the panels I plan to go to.  I’ve got 2 or 3 every day (Saturday – there are like 16) that I want to attend.  My goal is to get to everything on time, hopefully with time to spare, so I can get situated, get ready to snap the million pictures I plan to capture, and successfully blog from minute 1.

4.    Keep everyone entertained with witty commentary during the live blogs that we plan to have during our panels.  Hopefully you can live vicariously through us as we’re updating you about what our favorites have to say.

5.    Avoid getting thrown in jail for stalking.  I mean, seriously, Kiefer Sutherland, Carlos Bernard, Lee Pace, Zach Levi, Tahmoh Penikett, Josh Jackson, and me in the same place?  I promise everyone that I’ll do my best to contain my excitement and awe, but does anyone know any good lawyers in San Diego?

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