TakeFiveGal Chats With Damon Lindelof and Carlton Cuse



We will have the full interview up soon but wanted to share some bullet points from the call with our readers as quickly as possible.  

  • They won't say one way or another whether Danielle is dead, regardless we'll get her backstory.
  • Got a big "no comment" when asked if Emilie De Ravin is back next season.
  • They said we'll definitely see more of Jeff Fahey in the coming few episodes.
  • There will be a "bounty of romantic scenes" with both Jate and Skate. We'll revisit the Juliet / Jack relationship on May 1. They kind of made it sound like the fact that Jack and Kate get off the island is in direct correlation to the love triangle of Jack / Kate / Sawyer.
  • We're going to see more of Alan Dale, they said more than we might expect.
  • we're definitely going to see more of Jacob this season, Smokey is back in the first new episode and they will absolutely explain the 4-toed statue before the series ends.
  • The frozen donkey wheel name for the "game changer" has everything to do with an inside joke about the particular scene they named the Frozen Donkey Wheel and that it won't make sense so don't try to figure out what they could possibly be referring to. Also – when they come back in January, Damon says that he knows fans will be saying "how the hell are they going to tell this story"