TakeFiveGal Chats With Carter Bays About How I Met Your Mother

I just spent some time on a conference call with Executive Producer and Creator of How I Met Your Mother Carter Bays, and while he was incredibly tight lipped, he did let a few things slide by –



•    Most notably, it sounds like, though it’s not finalized, we’ll see Danny Glover as a guest star.  What Carter would say is that he’s not exactly appearing on the show, but Danny Glover is in an episode.  It might be the March 23 episode.  Take it with a grain of salt, because he hasn’t cleared it with anyone, so Carter might be in trouble.

•    I asked him what his thoughts on “dragging out” the Mother storyline were, and how long he sees it going, and he said that he feels the longer it lasts, the funnier and sweeter the story, so don’t expect a wrap up so soon!

•    Fan reaction played a huge part in their approach to writing in the beginning of the series, but lately, it’s more, if someone likes the show, they’re awesome; if someone doesn’t like the show, their opinion doesn’t matter, anyway!

•    The yellow umbrella will return this season, but that’s all he’d say!

•    Regarding the direction for next season – he won’t say exactly what it is, but that there’s going to be a shift in setting to some degree.  It will bring us closer to meeting the mother, definitely, and it was also provide a new dynamic for a couple of the characters.  He won’t confirm or deny if anyone is moving.

•    He prefers the word of mouth approach that the show has taken to become popular.  He likes the idea that people are talking about the show and are getting others to watch and that it’s become the show people talk about on Tuesday mornings.

•    A storyline they threw out had Barney pretending to be a Yankee and then actally having to play in a game, and strike someone out in the 9th inning.  They would love to see Neil in a Yankee uniform (agreed!), but it’s never happened to someone they know, and it probably never would, so they trashed it.  So much is going by gut and what you can get away with.

•    They don’t forget about things like the goat, or the pineapple, or the slap bet.  They have 2 slaps left, and they hope for another 4-5 years of the show.  That’s 2 slaps in a lot of years.  He thinks they have to take their time with it, but cautions that it could happen tomorrow!

•    The goat story was thrown in at a time when they didn’t know if they’d get a second season.  They mentioned the goat as a funny moment in the characters’ lives, but realized when they got a season 2 that they would eventually have to explain it!

•    As many fans suggest, the genesis of Barney and Robin started in the “Zip, Zip, Zip” episode where they play laser tag and smoke cigars.  They noticed a chemistry between Neil and Cobie and they put it in the bank to use for later.  Carter mentioned loving how Neil and Cobie have amazing chemistry, Cobie and Josh have great chemistry, and Neil and Josh have great chemistry, so it’s a very interesting triangle to watch.

•    We may see Ted start his own architecture firm, Mosbius Designs.  Not 100t% sure yet.

•    Don’t rule out a return by Ashley Williams’ Victoria.  He would love to see what happened to Victoria, too, so he thinks that someday they’ll get around to telling that story!

•    The writers are never done with Robin Sparkles!  Look out for a third Robin Sparkles song that is better than the first and second.  No word on when we might see that!