TakeFiveGal Can’t Wait For Summer TV

Hung HBO


Summer is almost officially here, and I cannot wait.  This week brings us the beginning of summer TV, and I wanted to spend just a few minutes discussing my the ones I’m looking forward to most (shows like So You Think You Can Dance, Burn Notice, Royal Pains – you’ve already premiered, but I still love you!)

1.    True Blood (June 14) – It’s confession time, ladies and gents.  I immediately cast True Blood aside at the end of episode 4 last year, calling it a waste of my time, and not thinking I’d ever go back.  At the insistence of a close friend, I stuck it out, and by the end of episode 12, I found myself dying for season 2 to start!  I cannot wait to see what happens to this ridiculous town, with their shapeshifters, and vampires, and mind-reading waitresses, and Michele Forbes being whatever Michele Forbes is being, all brilliant and scary-like.  Cannot wait! 

2.    Saving Grace (June 16) – I could have easily chosen another great TNT drama to put in this slot, but for me, it’s really all about Holly Hunter and her relationships in this ridiculously good drama.  She is so awesome.  I hate and love and feel sorry for her all at once.  And her relationship with Ham Dewey?  It’s so real.  It’s not perfect, they have issues.  I love it.  I love them, I love this show!  And I’m so glad they’ve given Laura San Giacomo something fantastic to do so far, from Season 2, into Season 3.  LOVE it!

3.    Top Chef Masters (June 10) – I love Top Chef, so it’s only natural that I would love the newest Top Chef – the “Masters” of the title are 24 famous chefs from around the country / world, some of whom have participated in regular Top Chef seasons as guest judges (some full of a little more criticism than others).  I cannot wait to see what happens!

4.    Mad Men (August) – I know it’s a long way away, and that it could almost technically be viewed as a fall show that has an early premiere date, but August is still Summer TV to me!  I cannot wait to see the fallout of last season, and even in what year they find themselves!  With a year that focused so heavily on the women characters, will the men have a chance to step up and have their own amazing year?  It takes us away to a different time, cannot wait!

5.    Hung (June 28) – I love Thomas Jane!  I’m intrigued to see what HBO does with a show called Hung about a well-endowed man using his endowment to his advantage.  I don’t know much more about the show other than that, yet I’m in!  Not sure what that says about me, ha, but I think it looks quite good!