TakeFiveGal Best Of Week 4

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Hi gang!  It’s been a crazy week of shows.  All of the new shows have premiered; some are good, some are great, some should never have been made (sorry Big Shots and KVille).  We’re looking at one more season premiere this week as Scrubs starts on Thursday!  Look back over the past week, here is what out above the rest this week!

Man Men, “The Wheel” – Don Draper, leave your Barbie wife and marry me.  Please?  This show is fabulous.  I am completely engaged in every story line.  I thought Francine’s breakdown (Anne Dudek is much more appreciated in this role than her role on House) was wonderful, spot on.  It’s exactly how I’d react if I found out through the phone bill that my hubby was being unfaithful.  And poor Betty when she realizes that her doctor is involved with Don.  Everyone is lying to everyone and everyone seems out of place in their lives.  And also – I might be alone in saying this, but I think the Peggy storyline was great, and I’m interested to see what it does to her in the next season!
Favorite line this week:  Pete’s father-in-law talking about his new business venture with Clearasil, “Did you know there’s a surge in adolescence right now?”

Pushing Daisies, “The Fun in Funeral” – I apologize in advance if you’re getting sick of my devotion to this show.  I don’t see it changing any time soon, though!  Every person in this stellar cast sells it so well!  Ned with his childlike innocence, Chuck with her charm and lovability, Emerson with that big old bald head and serious attitude, Olive with her depression over Ned, Vivian and Lily just kicking ass as the shut-in Darling Mermaid Darlings.  I just swoon over everything.  Greatest sword fight on TV, greatest use of saran wrap, ever.  Alfredo the traveling homeopathic antidepressant salesman was great.  I hope we see him again!
Favorite line this week:  It’s actually a snippet of Olive and Alfredo’s conversation about his liquid happiness:
Alfred:  “It’s homeopathic.”
Olive:  “Meaning it deeply relates to gay people.”
Alfredo:  “Gay only in that they are bright and happy”  

Friday Night Lives, “Are you Ready for Friday Night?” – Am I ready for Friday Night?  Yes, and always.  Coach Eric and Tami Taylor are my absolute favorite people on TV.  They are so painful, angry, sad, so amazing.  I love them.  Julie Taylor?  I’d have slapped her, too.  Poor Tim Riggins.  Coach McGregor hates him, he gets too dehydrated he passes out, has to go to the hospital.  He spied Billy kissing ex-older-lady-love Jackie and he has no adult to come get him at the hospital.  Thank heavens for the awesome Buddy Garrity.  Their new friendship is awesome.  I hope that Lyla and Tim reconnect.  I’m glad Jason yelled at Tim and I’m glad they’re taking their friendship on the road.  Matt Saracen – man he could have chemistry with a wet mop (like the new live-in nurse…)!  Smash should shut his mouth and ride the bench for a while.  And Tyra and Landry?  I love them together.  So much!  Who doesn’t love Aaron Pierce as Landry’s dad?  So good!
Favorite line this week:  This is from Buddy Garrity to Tim on the ride home from the hospital, “I’ve see you play with a hangover many times and you played like a champ.” HA!

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, “Mac is a Serial Killer” – I’d seen this episode in August when FX sent it over (and posted it on Myspace).  It has to be one of my favorite episodes of the show, ever.  From the impromptu singing of the Law and Order theme song, to Charlie’s belief he is a lawyer because he’s watched the show, to Dee trying to catch the killer by using her body, to Pepper Jack, to Mac’s mom, to Dennis’ thermos; I love this show.  The scene where Dennis and Dee chased down the waitress, trying to get in the mind of a killer?  I laughed so hard!  The final scene was a classic – the kind they do best where everyone converges on the same place, and they freak out over each other, and ultimately it has a different turnout than the gang expects.
Favorite line this week:  From the awesome pimp Pepper Jack, “Pepper Jack love Fraggle Rock!”

Damages, “There is no We Anymore” – Rose Byrne took her solemn, dowdy first year lawyer and turned her into a stunning cutthroat mini-Patty Hewes in 12 episodes.  I am amazed at the turnaround, and continue to be amazed by everything Glenn Close does, too.  I am surprised that we found out David’s killer before the season finale, but I can’t wait to see what happens in the season finale.  This show threw something huge at viewers every single week, and I’ve been on the edge of my seat.  And can you believe Nye is bad?  And what is Michael up to?  It is not possibly related to anything, is it?  
Favorite line this week:  I want to have faith in Nye, but his “She’s out and you know where to find her” to some undisclosed thug about Ellen?  I don’t know if I can trust him anymore!