TakeFiveGal Best Of Last Week


Can You Believe That There Are Only 3 Weeks Left In 2007

Hello all.  Can you believe that there are only 3 weeks left in 2007?  Insanity!  Here is what I found to be the best shows I watched last week!

Dexter, “There’s Something About Harry” – This show has been amazing all season.  While I could have done without the whole Lila ruins Dexter’s relationship with Rita part of it, I think that there is no show on TV that blows my mind like Dexter does.  I like the reveal this season that LaGuerta and Doakes had a relationship, and I like the Deb/Lundy relationship.  Why did I pick this week to put Dexter in the TakeFive?  The big reveal that Harry didn’t die from a heart attack, but rather, he died from over dosing, essentially killing himself because of Dexter.

Favorite line?  Dexter (to his captive Doakes), “I killed my father.”!  There’s just so much behind that line, so much to explore.  Poor Dexter!

Friday Night Lights, “The Confession”
– We knew this episode was coming long before it actually got here.  Landry finally got sick of his conscience weighing down on him, and he took his murderous self to the police to confess.  I don’t think he expected the “help” he got from his father and his lawyer.  But I’m glad that confessing brought him closer to Tyra again.  The scene where they sat on the back porch, holding hands?  I swooned, a little more than ever!  Timmy Riggins helping out at the gymnastics meet was pure comedy gold, he was so happy to be doing it.  Ha!  Boy am I glad he high-tailed it out of his latest living arrangements, to camp out in his truck in front of the Taylor’s house.  When Coach Eric Taylor wordlessly handed Tim the sleeping bag, I was even more smitten with both of them.  Though I saw it coming a mile away, I’m not a fan of Carlotta and Saracen.  At all.  But the mole cooking scene was cute.  And Julie Taylor is such a brat!  Who would have thought that Juvi-ago and his relationship with Buddy would be a high point of the season?  Also, it was nice to see Jason back, and I’m glad to see that he and Lyla are buds.

Favorite line?  Buddy’s “pep talk” to Juvi-ago as they had their face off in the car:  “Tonight is your night. You have an opportunity to go out there and accept the challenge. You have the opportunity to be part of a team. If you don't do it tonight, you're never going to do it the rest of your life.”

30 Rock, “Secrets and Lies” – The Frank and Two-fer argument, complete with dress up contest was fabulous.  The Jenna and Tracy back and forth, where Jenna got her own entourage (I’m sorry, no one compares to Griz and Dotcom!), was great.  Liz proving to Jenna that Jenna needs to be lied to just as much as Tracy, complete with cookie-award, was hilarious.  Flashbacks to Jack’s dinner party with Liz and Kenneth on a Guess the Celebrity team was great!  The best part of the episode might have been the big reveal scene in the corporate dining room, where the gay man admitted he was gay, the Democrat admitted to voting for Reagan and the token-black-character admitted he was in fact, black.

Favorite line?  Just because Kenneth is my favorite character – he is awarded favorite line for his dinner conversation with Liz – “What's your favorite pizza topping? Mine's plain, but I like others.”  It’s so common, but so awesome when he delivers it in his Kenneth (/Jack McBrayer) way.

Gossip Girl, “Hi, Society”
– Serena’s grandmother was great.  I love a manipulative head of a family.  I also loved learning why Lily and Rufus broke up – it wasn’t because she really wanted to be with someone else, but because she thought her mother knew her better than she knew herself.  Jenny is a brat, but I’m enjoying watching that.  I love Chuck – I didn’t in the beginning, but I do now.  I hated watching him get his heart broken, because I think he’s been in love with Blair for longer than he’s let on!

Favorite line?  From Blair to Chuck (this broke my heart like it broke Chuck’s) – “You make me sick! This thing between us – it’s over. For good.”  Who hopes it’s not over?

Ugly Betty, “Bananas for Betty” – Betty White is fantastic.  I love her in everything she does – her stories about St. Olaf back in the day on The Golden Girls are what made that show one of my favorites to watch in reruns.  Who would have thought that playing herself would provide so much humor?  Who else is a lttle worried of the Betty getting bored of Henry storyline?  I’m not a fan!  Also, when will Marc realize that he is sailing on a sinking ship by staying by Wilhelmina’s side?  And Amanda remains my favorite character – she used to be so one note, but she’s really growing up, sort of!

Favorite line?  John Cho as Kenny, rapping – “She's Alexis – Big as Texas. She knows what it's like to be both sexes.”