TakeFiveGal Best Of Last Week

Did You Ever Feel Like A Week Just Escaped You?

Did you ever feel like a week just escaped you?  That’s how it was for me last week – sorry I missed you all.  Moving forward – what did I watch this past week?

Friday Night Lights, “Seeing Other People” – I am starting to be a little wary about the whole murder storyline (though I loved the Lyla/Landry chat), but I really think that the show is going to come out on the other side.  Matt Saracen suddenly became a ladies’ man, having to decide between his straight-from-the-60s-hair-barbie girlfriend and his older grandma-watching nurse.  I love that!  I like the new aspect of Tami Taylor being wrong about Noah and Julie.  Though, I think it’s definitely going in the direction that Tami thinks it already has.  Coach Eric Taylor being jealous of Tami and Glen’s relationship is pretty cool. I like that dynamic.  Watching Smash run like a mad man from the dorm of that school was pretty awesome, and I love that Saracen is who he called about it.  And lastly, I love Tim Riggins.  Once he found out that he was staying with the local meth man, he hightailed it out of there, and onto Panther field, giving some truly great, inspired apologies to worm his way back on the field.  It had me in tears, and laughing at the same time.  Fabulous.
Favorite line this week:  Riggins to unknown #46, “4-6, hey look, I don’t ever recall seeing you play in any of the games, I don’t think you ever will.  I can tell the effort you put forth on practice days is undeniable.”  I fell in love again.

Pushing Daisies, “Bittersweets” – Who doesn’t love Molly Shannon?!  She was great as Dilly Balsam.  Just great.  Mike White was pretty awesome as “Some Guy” (Dilly’s brother Billy).  I love Chuck and Olive as friends and “Pie Hos” ha!  Their sleek black outfits were so hot!  I love that Chuck is Ned’s girlfriend, officially.  I love Alfredo.  Ned in jail was pretty awesome.  The coroner, as usual, was just my favorite thing of the week!  The end was the perfect thing, needed to put some interesting tension in the show.  Should be awesome!
Favorite line this week:  Ned to Chuck, “Chuck, I killed your dad.”

Bones, “The Santa in the Slush” –I have to say, I did love the kiss.  It was pitch perfect.  It was beautiful, the aftermath was charming.  It’s exactly the little thing that Bones and Booth lovers needed.  But I need to tell you – the end, where he and Parker brought Bones a tree was what sold me on the need that these two people need to be together.  I’m perfectly happy waiting until there’s no more life in the show to get them together, but I’m glad to see that the story is moving in a direction that gets them closer!
Favorite line this week:  After the kiss, Bones to Caroline, “Was that enough steamboats?”  Hehe!

30 Rock, “Cougars” – So good.  This show is so good.  The combination of characters on this show is just wonderful.  How hot was Liz’s boy toy Jamie?  Kenneth and Jack helping out with Tracy’s community service?  Fabulous.  Tracy Morgan is amazing.  Tina Fey, Judah Friedlander, Jack McBrayer, and Alec Baldwin were all fabulous in this episode.  So good.  That’s all I can really say.
Favorite line this week:  From Liz to Jamie, “This just went from freshman dating a senior to Mary Kay Letourneau and Villi Fallau.”  Jamie to Liz, “Are they friends of yours?” Ha!

Samantha Who?, “The Hockey Date”
– Is there doubt in anyone’s mind that Kelly Bundy and Matt Camden were made for each other?  Still it’s nice to see Samantha dating Dimples, and Todd trying to something work with the loud-talker Chloe (amnesiacs can still hear, Nikki from Lost….).  So awesome that Samantha was banned from the arena, and that Dimples knew who she was because she mentioned it.  I love that Todd knew where Samantha got her scar.  So adorable.  Jean Smart was great as she got the date together for her daughter.  I loved the Andrea and “Tina” get drunk and pretend to be Canadian b-story.  I’m really enjoying this show – what about you guys?
Favorite line this week:  Sam’s mom Regina, “I did not raise you to use amnesia as an excuse.” Hilarious!