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Hello all.  This writers’ strike is bringing me down.  We only have a handful of episodes left for our favorite shows!!  Here is what I loved last week –

Friday Night Lights, “How Did I Get Here?” – Tami’s sister Shelly is awesome.  She’s exactly what Tami needed to admit that she’s unprepared to be raising a child into her older years.  I love Jessalyn Gilsig; she fit in so perfectly.  I also loved the girls’ soccer coach, crazy as she might have been with the throwing of the soccer balls and all of that.  My hero this week is Landry Clarke’s dad.  I’d like to think that if I killed someone accidentally in defense of the love of my life, my dad would burn my car, too!  I’m not a huge fan of Matt Saracen hooking up with the cheerleader.  But I know it had to happen eventually.  And Buddy Garrity’s delusions of grandeur about Juvi-ago (nee Santiago) were so great.  Just because he can run, he’s a perfect fit for the Panthers, to Buddy.  Thankfully, Tim Riggins stepped up to show the heart we all know he has.
Favorite line?  This week, it’s Coach Eric Taylor’s speech to Jason when Jason handed old game tapes to him:  “The coach and the players, they learn from each other, it goes both ways. You lift up everyone around you. That's a powerful gift to earn. I hope I didn't let you down. This I'll hold on to until you come pick it up.”

The Office, “Survivorman” – Leave it to Steve Carrell to re-humanize the growing caricature that is Michael Scott.  The end where he bonded with Jim over “that’s what she said” was really quite endearing.  The sight gags alone in this episode, with him tearing up his suit, and eventually duct taping it back together was classic.  Dwight in the woods, saying he wouldn’t save Michael, but ultimately saving him was great; I also loved Dwight’s random weaponry all over the office.  And Michael’s borrowed Battlestar Galactica sweatshirt was awesome.  Everyone sort of turning on Jim gave him some perspective, too, and I think everyone realized how much they sort of do need Michael.  
Favorite line?  In the flashbacks to old birthday celebrations, it has to be Michael’s “Blacks do crack!” on Stanley’s birthday.  He of course meant wrinkles, not the drug!

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, “Bums: Making a Mess All Over The City” – Dee and Mac together are my favorite.  I think knowing that they’re dating in real life makes their arguments and pettiness towards each other on camera that much more fun.  Dennis suddenly adopting both a Philly accent and a junkyard cat as he tried to convince the city he was a cop was just so in character.  And Charlie Day does a mean Serpico, am I right?  He’s amazing.  And his packet of recordings “For the Mare” (mayor) was fabulous.  I felt Frank was a bit too much in this episode, but it still ranks as one of the best this season.  I don’t want this week’s episode to be the season finale already!  
Favorite line?  Dee to Mac about their outfits “We look like Rerun”. Hehe, they did!

30 Rock, “Greenzo” – I forgot how much I liked David Schwimmer.  He was one of my favorite “Friends” so it was nice to see him come back to TV with a role that was so not Ross Gellar.  Former VP Al Gore did quite alright with the humor (his SNL appearance was one of my favorites).  I love Tracy and his love of foxy boxing.  I love Kenneth and his horrible parties of years past, with him as Austin Powers and Liz as Harry Potter and Tracy’s Warewolf BarMitzvah playing in the background..  And seriously, the morning after meeting in Jack’s office was just one of the funniest parts of any episode I’ve seen of this show.  Jack’s hair, alone had me in stitches.
Favorite line?  Tracy, on why he was so excited about Foxy Boxing, “Two of my favorite things. Boxing and referees.” Haha!

CSI/Without a Trace crossover, “Who and What/Where and Why” – Now this is how you do a crossover episode.  No need for a CSI from Las Vegas to fall in love with a Missing Persons Unit investigator from NY (remember the Ally McBeal, Practice Crossovers of the old days).  Jack and Gil were the perfect foils to each other, and I really enjoyed watching them interact.  On CSI, Jack didn’t take over the show, he was just another part of it.  Same thing on Without a Trace.  Gil was there, and he got some good interaction in with the investigators, but he didn’t need to over power any scene, or anything like that.  I say kudos to them, and I hope they find some way to do it again!
Favorite line?  When Sam goes into the lab to talk to Grissom – “No offense, but it smells in here….like chemicals.” And his response of “it does” really puts into perspective the fact that it’s normal for him, and he doesn’t even notice it.  It was a nice touch.