TakeFiveGal Best Of Last Week

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Hello all.  I am finally almost all the way caught up on TV!  It’s amazing what 2 days away from the TV will do – it’s so hard to catch up!  Here is my favorite of what I watched last week –

Pushing Daisies, “Girth” – I loved that Olive and Chuck are forming a sort of understanding bond.  And whose heart didn’t break when they saw Digby dressed as an adorable dog-ghost on that Halloween when Young Ned’s heart was broken, again?  This show knows how to do over the top better than any other, without making me roll my eyes, or change the channel.  I’m incredibly drawn to the chemistry that the four leads show.  And that scene, with Vivian and Ned as he was leaving their house?  I was all teary-eyed.  I love that the long-thought-dead-jockey had his horse’s legs.  So insane, but handled with such fun.  And of course, the final scene, where Chuck got to trick or treat, at 2am, at her aunts’ house.  It’s what makes me fall head over heels in love with Ned, all over again!
Favorite line?  This week, it’s from Olive to John Joseph Jacobs – “Don’t you owe it to your horse to stand up on his two legs and get out there and live?”

Bones, “Mummy in the Maze”
– Was it Rider Strong as a bad guy, or Brennan’s awesome Wonder Woman costume that had me most amused this week?  One of my favorite shows, this one did not fail to deliver in the drama, the “will-they-won’t-they”-ness of it all, the comedy, the science, the suspense, etc.  I want Bones and Booth to be together.  Or start heading that way.  And is anyone else super psyched that John Francis Daly is a regular now?  I love him!
Favorite line?  An exchange between Booth and Bones – Bones said, “My gun is too big for me.” And Booth just responds with his typical “I could have told you that.”  They are just charming!

Friday Night Lights, “Let’s Get it On” – Ok, show.  I’m not a fan of what you’re doing to Landry and Tyra, but I’ll forgive you for that because you finally had Matt Saracen stand up to Julie Taylor.  As much as I love them together, I’m so glad he put her in her place.  And the “threesome”-ness of Lyla, Jason, and Riggs down in Mexico?  I love them.  I think that the three of them are better together than apart, and I hope we see more of their getting back to friendship.  I also want to take a minute to say how much I love Coach Eric Taylor and his awesome relationship with Tami.  It’s the best.  
Favorite line? Saracen to Julie “Because I’m still pissed at you.”  That is such a high school line, and I love him for it.

Weeds, “The Dark Time” – I love Nancy and Conrad.  I’m a huge fan of them.  Together, and apart.  Especially together, so I was delighted when they finally got together in the biblical sense.  Sure, it’ll have horrible ramifications, and I’m sure that their relationship will get worse before it gets better, but for now, I’m celebrating.  Also, now that Celia is involved in the business, I’m thrilled!  She is easily my favorite character, and to get to see her having a hand in what happens to the weed selling business and Agua-tecture in general, is just the stuff that awesomeness is made out of!
Favorite line?  From Conrad to Nancy, “You’re [frakking] evil!”.  I’m celebrating.  I love them.

The Office, “Branch Wars” – Leslie David Baker (Stanley) is such a comedic gem.  He’s so dry, and his facial expressions are amazing.  Michael trying to sell the good qualities of Toby was great.  I felt so bad for Jim for being forced to be confronted by Karen, and that awful scene where she misread him sneaking into the Utica branch because he wanted to see her, and he had to explain that that’s not why he was there, and that he didn’t want to see her.  Just awful, and so true to life because stuff like that happens.  I loved Toby in the bowtie for “Finer Things”.  And poor Andy, trying to get inducted into the Finer Things Club, and his rejection.  So in character for him.  Loved it.  Kudos to Mindy Kaling (I love whenever she writes the episode) and Joss Whedon (he’s such a fab director!).
Favorite line?  Michael telling Jim to take one for the team, and to seduce Karen, all the while thinking of keeping Stanley at Scranton.  “Just climb on top of her and think of Stanley!”