TakeFiveGal Hits The Office Convention


TakeFive Gal Has All The Office Convention In Scranton

Did you know that BJ Novak is responsible for “That’s what she said” being a part of The Office and our lives?  Neither did I, until I got to sit in on a question and answer panel that was just one small part of a glorious weekend away in the little town that could, Scranton, Pennsylvania.

TakeFiveGal made the trip out Friday afternoon.  Having skipped all TV since Thursday night’s The Office, this week’s TFG “Best Episodes” will be replaced with TakeGiveGal’s “5 favorite things from The Office Convention!”

Cast / writer interaction with the convention attendees – I didn’t know what to expect when I pulled up to the hotel Friday afternoon.  I know that some people had already visited the area before, I knew that some of the cast was already sick of being mobbed by the same gang of us people trying to get a picture or an autograph.  It was amazing how relaxed, laid-back, interested in questions, these cast members and writers were.  I had the opportunity at one point to say hello and, at times, pick the brain of Ed Helms, Craig Robinson, Jason Kessler (writing staff), BJ Novak, Mike Schur (Mose, another writer), Melora Hardin, and Mindy Kaling.  Usually just a quick “how are you, my name is blah blah”.  They were way into it, and I am so glad I got to get in there and make it happen.  There wasn’t much time to sit with these actors/writers on a one-to-one basis, but even in a quick hello, they made me feel like I was on their level.

People of Scranton – I come from big city area where no one is friendly.  Need directions, forget it.  Need help with a flat tire, or a ride back from the center of town?  No way.  So color me immediately surprised and elated to realize that there wasn’t a rude person in all of Scranton.  I’m sure the “rude” people were staying shut-in, afraid to have to answer questions of the thousands of lost Convention goers.  And when I talked to Jason, he said the same thing – everyone was incredibly nice, great to him, didn’t mob him (he wasn’t immediately familiar to anyone until the writer’s Q&A, so that makes sense) and he was having the time of his life!  Thank you, good people of Scranton.  You made a horrible-weather situation feel like the sun was shining (was that too much? Ha!)

Convention Events – I did not expect to get such luxury accommodations from the Convention staff.  No, I don’t mean my hotel.  That wasn’t the greatest of places.  I mean the free food and drinks all over the city.  Alfredo’s Pizza Café is amazing pizza, seriously.  And Coney Island Texas Weiners (the good one, down in the basement) was incredible.  I love that the writers found and now love Yuengling Lager (for those of you unaware, I guess it’s an east coast thing?  It’s the best lager around!).  Two of the writers told me that they plan on using Yuengling in an upcoming episode because of how much they love it!

The Scrantones – I had no idea that these guys could rock as hard as they do.  I love the Office theme song – who doesn’t sing La La Las along with the song when it comes on?  Imagine them performing it, with Ed Helms on the guitar, Kate Flannery on the keyboards, and the rest of the cast jumping around like a bunch of kids on the stage.  Creed Bratton, Kate Flannery, Ed Helms, Melora Hardin, Craig Robinson – they all sang with them, and just rocked the house.  It was one of the best concerts I’ve been to, quite literally!

“Branch Wars” – Mindy Kaling wrote this week’s episode (Kelly Kapoor on the show), and the writers were kind enough to show us the first Act.  Let me tell you – it was the most I’ve laughed at an episode of The Office in a long time.  We’re talking laugh out loud moments.  And Rashida Jones is back as regional manager of the Utica Branch!  And there is a lot of funny Stanley time, which is the best!  Tune in Thursday to watch.  I’m sure it’ll be one of the best episodes yet!

Big thanks to the Seat42f fans at the Blogger’s Breakfast yesterday!  Who was there?  Did everyone have a great time??

Pictures of the weekend will follow!