TakeFiveGal Best Of Week 3

See Which Shows TakeFiveGal Deleted From Her Season Pass

Hello all!  This week I did it – I started cutting out shows that I didn’t think were necessary.  I’m sorry Cane, Kid Nation, CSI, Big Shots and Criminal Minds.  I’ll see you in reruns (if the new shows make it that long)!  That said, here is what I did watch and love this week:

Pushing Daisies, “Dummy” – I have to say, I was worried that this show wouldn’t be able to continue the brilliance of the pilot into episode 2. I’m thrilled to say that I was way wrong and that this second hour of my new favorite show was pitch perfect.  I still love every character, and I think the chemistry between Emerson and Ned as business partners is great, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t swoon at all of the awesome Ned and Chuck parts.  The only thing missing was Vivian and Lily.  I love those ladies!
Favorite line this week: From Emerson (Chi McBride) to Olive (Kristen Chenowith) about Ned’s feelings:  “He digs her in a way he definitely doesn’t dig you!”

Friday Night Lights, “Bad Ideas” – I am a crier.  I cry when things are super happy.  I cry when things are super sad.  This show?  Makes me cry every week.  From Jason approaching Tami about his dreams to Tyra’s midnight confession, I was a mess this week!  Tami and Glenn – I love that she’s got a friend.  I hate, hate, hate Julie Taylor, but in such a good way, because I can completely understand where she’s coming from.  Poor Saracen with his live-in nurse changing Grandma’s habits, and his girlfriend leaving him at the pep rally?  Life is hard for that boy.  The Riggins and Lyla stuff?  I’m completely smitten with them again.  And it looks like our coach is starting to realize he belongs at home!!
Favorite line this week:  Landry to Tyra “Because I’m in love with you…” because who didn’t love her reaction?

Desperate Housewives, “The Game” – Yes, you read that right.  I think DH is on fire this year.  Funny, maybe better than the critically-acclaimed season 1.  I think that they’ve done a lot more “entire-neighborhood-gets-together” scenes this year, and they always work the best for me.  Even Teri Hatcher isn’t pissing me off this season like she normally does!  And I have to say, it seems like they’ve finally gotten a mystery to rival the “what happened to Mary Alice” mystery of the olden days.
Favorite line this week:  Bree’s casual “I will gladly reimburse you for the slashed tire and stolen cell phone” when Susan recounted her horrible doctor’s appointment to her!

Bones, “Death in the Saddle” – Any episode that pulls Booth out of his comfort zone makes me laugh.  Brennan was so rational, dealing with the pony-playing, and Booth was just super uncomfortable.  It sets the stage to show how completely different they are about sex, but it actually allows them to get closer together, to bond more.  I think Booth has started to lean into Brennan more, and is really starting to show his feelings for her.  As much as I’ve heard about the Moonlighting curse, I’m still 100% in the Booth and Bones belong together camp, so I’m okay with them getting closer!
Favorite line this week:  Comes from a conversation between Hodgins and Angela about her being hypnotized and trying to find her husband. Angela:  “I see a wasp”; Hodgins:  “A white-Anglo-Saxon Protestant?!”

Men in Trees, “A Tree Grows in Elmo” – I am so glad this show is back.  I didn’t realize how much I missed it until I started seeing commercials for the season premiere and I got psyched to see my favorite Elmo-ians again.  Anne Heche, who, to be honest, I thought I was going to hate when this show started last season, has really grown on me, and I think she’s incredibly charming in this role.  Jack (James Tupper) is swoon worthy in a rugged-outdoorsman-take-me-up-a-mountain type way.  Who wouldn’t fall for that?  The characters and their relationships really make this show work, and I can’t wait to see the 5 episodes from last season that start next week!
Favorite line this week:  My favorite, Patrick Bachelor, yelling at Annie for her competitive nature.  “You’re such a competitive….rhymes with Mitch!!”