TakeFiveGal Best Of TV Last Week

Take Five Gal is back with an actual (gasp) Take Five about the best 5 shows I watched last week (and, to be fair, in order to include one of my favorite shows in the past few months, I’m extending this back to Friday March 6)!  Take a minute, regroup, now here we go!  Also, if you’re a few weeks behind on TV, skip my recaps, because they’re spoilerific!

1.    Friday Night Lights – “New York, New York”  Only in this world of Dillon, TX, where everything Jason Street wants, through sheer will, determination, and charm, he gets, would he magically be able to join a sports agency in NYC and still make it seem like it could happen to anyone.  Watching Scott Porter and Taylor Kitsch fancy about in NYC was just fantastic (and the Gypsy description by Taylor’s Tim Riggins was amazing).  It’s a shame that Jason is off the show; this episode wrecked me for some many reasons.  Taylor Kitsch, teary eyed, and having trouble dealing with the goodbye of Six (and Scott in real life, as that scene was the last they shot), just killed me.  If this show doesn’t get picked up for another season, I’ll constantly reflect on this episode to remind me of its sheer genius.  Texas Forever, no doubt!

2.    30 Rock – “Funcooker” – When this show is on, it is way on.  I felt like it was literally a laugh a minute as Tracy experiment with the FCC, Kenneth quickly became a brand manager, and Liz got to pull out her brilliant Princess Leia for the NYC courts.  I love when all of the stories are connected, and come to one brilliant climactic scene.  I still wish more people were tuning in!

3.    Bones – “The Bones That Foam” – Mr. Nigel-Murray is easily my favorite of the rotating interns, so it was fantastic to see him back, spouting out his little gems of knowledge.  In an episode directed (quite wonderfully) by Seeley Booth himself (Boreanaz), the show jumped from scene to scene with humor and fun.  Though I totally called Al Lambert as the killer from the minute she was introduced, it was still fun getting to the “Why”.  Oh and Bones working with Sweets to learn what Booth does?  Classic, loved it!

4.    24 – “8:00pm – 9:00pm” – Oh Bill Buchanan.  How your death broke my heart.  First, Aaron Pierce was shot the week before, and then Billy boy sacrificed himself.  I’m so invested in this show, I immediately thought “oh no, what is Karen [his TV wife] going to do?”  And Moss with his super attitude borne of jealousy over the slowly growing relationship of Renee and Jack, dude needs to step down and deal with his issues.  Also, is Olivia (the pres’ daughter [does anyone remember that Will Friedel movie from like 10 years ago]) evil or what?

5.    Survivor – “You’re Going to Want That Tooth” – I wouldn’t normally include Survivor among my favorite shows during the week, but this week’s episode literally had me laughing out loud more than the comedies I watched.  The spinning challenge?  Brilliant.  It was like the most high octane game of spin around a baseball bat ever, and it was hilarious.  Kudos to Survivor for keeping it fresh 18 seasons in!