TakeFiveGal Best Of TV Last Week

Can you believe it’s the second full week of May already?  Pretty soon, my favorite episodes of the week are going to include returning favorites, and brand new shows (Michael Vartan is back in a few weeks on TNT)!  For now, here’s the breakdown of what I watched and loved last week!

1.    Fringe – “The Road Not Taken” If only for the sheer fact that that last scene between Walter and Olivia and then Walter and Peter just blew me away.  This show!  I am so glad that I didn’t give up when I thought I was going to back in the beginning of the season.  I cannot wait to find out what’s happening next, I love the little nuances that John Noble gives to Walter, and the fact that [spoiler alert] Leonard Nimoy shows up in the finale this week?  Good job, show!  I can’t wait for Season 2!

2.    Saturday Night Live – “Justin Timberlake / Ciara” I’m not sure what it is about the writers of SNL.  When they have what should be a brilliant week with actors that used to be on the show, they are kind of mediocre.  Better than most, worst than best.  Enter Justin Timberlake (and some fantastic guest stars), and they’re at the top of their game!  His now-classic Barry Gibb talk show, Man-dressed-as-something-in-something-ville, his interaction with Target Lady, and of course, the digital short with some of the best actresses of our time, and his admitting that he did it with Britney (come on, we all knew) – this was a flat out enjoyable episode, and I can’t wait until he gets to host a third time!

3.    Bones – “The Critic in the Cabernet” I could have done without Stewie Griffin’s visit, and I think they could have spent less time on the murder, and more time on the diagnosis of Booth’s brain tumor, but an episode of Bones that I have a few problems with is still one of the best things I watch in a week!  The slow realization that maybe Booth does want something more with Bones than he’s letting on, and the fact that everyone knows, and notices, and doesn’t really come out and say it?  And then Bones’ almost breakdown, and the fact that she got herself into the operating room?  Best couple on TV (besides the Taylors on FNL).

4.    Party Down – “Celebrate Ric Sargulesh” Steven Webber is everywhere these days, and I’m in no way complaining.  His Ric Sargulesh is a Russian mobster, recently out of jail.  The PD folks all get to experience a little fame and idolatry from the mobsters who all love their limited stints in various professions.  Constance with Dingleberries; Henry with the beer commercial; Kyle with Idol Academy; Roman got a chance to do some script reading.  Everything was funny, and poor Ron was left to pick up the server pieces.  I just LOVE this show.  Rumors abound that we’ll hear about a Season 2 soon.  I hope so, I can’t get enough.  

5.    Better Off Ted – “Get Happy” Cats, Space, Classic Cars, and the Green Bay Packers!!  It breaks my heart to live in a world where the viewing public doesn’t find the amazing comedy that I love.  Better Off Ted’s finale was fantastic, as Ted and Veronica aimed to get everyone to give them great approval ratings, and the rest of the office suffers!  Great stuff, and I hope that the rumors that ABC is going to keep are true, but it saddens me to think I’ve seen the last of it!

Photo: FOX