TakeFiveGal Best Of TV Last Week

Our shows are careening towards their season finales.  And there is a whole lot of craziness going on in the meantime!  Here’s what I loved last week!


1.    Greek – “Evasive Actions” With each passing episode, this show climbs closer and closer to the top of my “favorite shows on TV” list (and with the rate at which they get cancelled, the list is getting smaller and smaller)!  The dodgeball game felt a little forced, but the story of Dale and the Cougar landlady, and Rusty’s disinterest in being around Andy and Jordan.  It’s an hour of the week that I can just sit and enjoy.  It’s wonderful, and I’m so glad that it’s going to be on a for a while to come!

2.    Lost – “The Variable” This bookend to last season’s freaking amazing “The Constant” was just as emotionally unsettling and troubling and wonderful all rolled into one.  Jeremy Davies is one hell of an actor, and with every passing scene (though I could feel a terrible demise coming), I was more drawn into his incredible story.  Can you imagine realizing that your mother supported your scientific career in the hopes that some day you went back in time to have her kill you?  God, it was brilliant.  I’ve heard lots of things from various folks that this wasn’t their favorite episode, but wow – I’m sold.  Can’t wait to see what comes next!

3.    Bones – “The Beaver in the Otter”
Midway recaps aside, this show warms my heart!  The knowledge that we’re slowly heading towards the place from which a show can never return (spoiler alert: Main Couple. Sex. Etc.), makes me appreciate the Booth and Bones relationship so much more.  The “dine-and-ditch” at the end where he let her feel so giddy and still paid, in an effort to show her she can be “bad”, it was just another reason that Seeley Booth is my hero!  Also, I’m loving the rotating interns so much more than I thought I would!

4.    Southland – “Sally in the Alley”
While I missed Ben and John this week, it was nice to see some focus on the Regina King / Tom Everett Scott relationship / partnership as well as the always fantastic Kevin Alejandro getting some good screen time!  This show is not 100% perfect, there are a lot of clichés, but I’m addicted already, and I am thrilled that NBC picked it up for Season 2!!

5.    The Big Bang Theory – “The Vegas Renormalization” This episode had me laughing out loud, in hysterics!  This is the episode they screened for us at Paley, and there was just so much good stuff that it was non stop.  Some moments that stand out were Sheldon trying to explain why he couldn’t sleep on Penny’s couch, and Leonard and Raj approaching the hooker in Vegas.  Plus, how adorable was Sheldon when he thanks Penny for looking after him?  SO GOOD!