TakeFiveGal Best Of TV Last Week

It was a busy week last week, with shows ending and shows starting, and everything else in between.  Since the last TFG came out on Wednesday, I’m not working with a lot of days here, but here’s what I thought was the best from last Wednesday night through this morning (note that working with fewer days still means there’s no room for Dollhouse.  Sorry peeps, I’m trying to love it)!

1.    Friday Night Lights – “Underdogs” Just a heads up, I cannot see a future where FNL doesn’t appear on the Take Five Gal’s top 5 of the week, so if you haven’t been watching, what better chance than now, since we’ll get 2 more seasons?  Wow, the McCoys are a frakked up family, aren’t they?  Super beat-up-my-kid dad, the enabling mother, the in denial son.  For the first time, there’s this kid that Coach Eric Taylor can’t affect like he did with Saracen, Riggs, Smash, Street, and countless other kids (like “Lance” Clark).  While it breaks my heart, it’s also beautiful to see Kyle Chandler play.  And Tami Taylor is just awesome.  When she started crying because Katie McCoy was such a bitch, and she just put on her shades and walked out?  One of the most moving scenes to date.  And don’t even get me started on the symbolism of Riggins leaving his cleats on the field.  Tears were streaming down my face before I even realized it!  And god, Tyra’s essay?  And Tyra and Landry sharing a kiss?  Beautiful.


2.    Lost – “What Happened, Happened” I’m on Miles’ side.  Whatever happened in the past, has already happened, and just because we didn’t see it acted out, doesn’t mean it didn’t.  Hurley and Miles are fantastic together, and did Evangeline kill it this week or what?  My god, the scene where she had to say “bye bye baby” was murder on me!  I do take issue with the fact that Kate never batted an eye when she saw that her Cassidy was Sawyer’s Cassidy.  The reveal of what happened to Aaron and what Sawyer whispered were predictable but well played.  Who thinks that Cassidy knowing everything about the crash is going to come back to bite Kate and crew?  Hmm…Otherwise, fantastic episode, so looking forward to the rest of the season!


3.    Kings – “Insurrection” If only because Thomas Guiry from Lassie was David’s brother, this was the first episode I hadn’t already seen, and I’m rather impressed that they were able to retain the intensity of episode 4.  The relationship between David and the Princess is my favorite, so I’m glad it’s not forgotten, and, damn, Leslie Bibb is not only gorgeous, she’s a firecracker, to boot.  Great casting! Macaulay Culkin next week!!!!


4.    Head Case – “Tying The…Not” The wedding day has arrived for Elizabeth and Berger, and seriously, it’s absurd. The People’s Choice Awards caused the celebrity clientele to not arrive, and only Andy Dick was there!  Thank heavens he was, as he was able to step in and perform the ceremony for Goode-Berger.  Guest stars Tate Donovan and Jeff Probst are brilliant as they make fun of their dating lives.  Classic.


5.    Life – “Initiative 38” What exactly is going on with Dani Reese?  Where is she, where did they drag her to, why did they leave her cell phone where someone could obviously find it?  So many questions!  Glad Ted kept the number of that PI!  Though I still cannot stand Gabrielle Union, I still thought that this was a quality episode.  Was the plot original?  Not really, Castle did it Monday night, too, but it was still great to see Damian Lewis on TV in general.  And I love that he and Tidwell are joining forces to figure out what’s up with Dani.  I just hope that what Ted and the spy found doesn’t spell doom for my favorite character!