TakeFiveGal Best Of TV Last Week

Middle of the week, no better time than now for a little Take Five Gal!  

1.    Friday Night Lights – “A Hard Rain’s Gonna Fall” I did not think I was capable of falling more in love with Tim Riggins and/or Matt Saracen, but this episode just about did me in.  Tim imparting words of wisdom to his “Beer Wolf” live in girlfriend, and Matt dealing with the realization that Grandma’s almost gone crazy – not only are they pretty, pretty boys, but Taylor Kitsch and Zach Gilford bring something to these roles that I don’t think other people would know how!  Also, can we celebrate for a minute about what awesome Knights in Shining Armor the Taylors are?  Swooping in to save JD from a brutal ass-whooping.  LOVE THEM!

2.    24 – “10PM to 11PM” and “11PM to 12AM” Dude, Tony gets kidnapped then saved, then bamboozled in the course of 2 hours.  Jack saves the life of a guy whose wife is expecting twins, attempts to save the day, gets infected by a toxic nerve gas, gets shot at, gets naked time with Sunny Macer (from Season 3, yay continuity), and gets to celebrate in his impending death.  And then there’s Renee whose obviously falling in love with the lovely Mr Sutherland.  And Larry Moss.  Stupid man.  Oh and yay for Aaron Pierce, but don’t you think that his working for Olivia is kind of like a death sentence?

3.    Life on Mars – “Everyone Knows its Windy” Penultimate episode of one of my favorite new shows.  Makes me so sad to know it’s ending. This episode did a little bit to further along the why and the how and the Sam and Annie relationship.  Just when I was beginning to wonder where Windy has been, in she swoops as a crazy guardian angel or something. I’m still not positive if Sam was actually at the murder of the Irish dude, but I still am super pumped for the series finale!

4.    30 Rock – “Apollo, Apollo” Oh my God with this show!  Tracy’s wordplay (about naysayers and horseville), Liz’s late night commercial.  Jack’s birthday.  Everything about it was laugh out loud funny.  Literally, the group of us watching had to rewind certain spots because were laughing over them.  Any time a show can find reason to bring Dean Winters back, count me in!

5.    Party Down – “California College Conservatives Union Caucus” Three words.  Jason Dohring’s hair.  Two more words.  Josh Gad.  Ken Marino is brilliant in this episode that eventually has him bleaching and burning two separate American Flags.  I loved every minute of this episode, including Martin Starr’s character putting a script into the special brief case for the Governator himself!