TakeFiveGal Best Of TV Last Week

It seems like this week, my favorite shows are all from the same two nights last week.  Shall we get into it?


1.    Friday Night Lights – “The Giving Tree” – Can you just imagine the embarrassment of your father walking in on you in bed with your boyfriend?  Poor Julie Taylor.  She and Matt Saracen are in love and doing the deed, and in walks Coach.  Out walks coach and he breaks down. Aimee Teegarden is brilliant in this episode as she struggles with feeling as though she’s disappointed her parents.  The conversation that she has with Tami Taylor is one of the best ever, and so emotionally moving.  The story of Lyla and Buddy is great, too, as she moves out and in with Tim and Billy.  And the Landry / Tyra storyline is lovely – having her pining for him because he realized he had no backbone with her!

2.    Lost – “Namaste” – Sawyer as leader is awesome.  Jack as jealous underling is awesome.  Juliet as the one in love with Sawyer silently getting the upper hand on Kate is awesome.  Sun beating Ben with a shovel, Jin taking Sayid hostage, Little Ben bringing Sayid a sandwich.  Awesome.  Couple questions – why is Sun in 2007 and not back with the rest of the O5?  Who was the girl over the shoulder of Sun when she met with Christian?  Will Sawyer leave Juliet for stupid Kate Austen?  I am loving season 5!

3.    Battlestar Galactica – “Daybreak Part 2” – By 17 minutes in, I was crying my eyes out over the end of this series.  Did it answer all of the questions that I wanted answered?  No.  Was I happy with the end of the Kara Thrace storyline?  No.  But the flashbacks were beautiful, and the deaths were beautiful, and the feeling of fright, shock, awe, sadness, excitement, and brilliance was an overwhelming 2 hours of sobs and satisfaction.  I will miss this series.  Terribly. 

4.    Better Off Ted – “Pilot” – Every once in a while, there comes a comedy that simply continues to make me laugh after I’ve watched it (even after I’ve watched it 10 times). Better Off Ted is brilliant.  The story of Ted, the straight man to a company of crazies.  Jay Harrington and Portia DiRossi lead an awesome cast – this is the kind of show that ABC will probably cancel right away, but I’m happy to know that I at least got a little time to watch something fantastic!

5.    Party Down – “Willow Canyon Homeowners Annual Party” – Enrico Colantoni.  Naked.  What a mind-frak that was!  The show brings together some of the best parts of Veronica Mars, and some of the funniest comedic actors currently working.  This in combination with Head Case on Starz was one of the funniest hours I’ve seen on TV in the longest time!  The cater-watiers of Party Down will most likely continue to find themselves on my list.