TakeFiveGal Best Of Premiere Week

Our Newest Member Of The Seat42f Family TakeFiveGal Breaks Down Her Top Picks From Premiere Week.

Hello all.  TakeFiveGal here with a look at my favorite episodes from Premiere Week!

Dirty Sexy Money, “Pilot” – There was so much going on in this series premiere.  Murder mystery, suicide attempts, Dakota Fanning’s little sister.  Peter Krause never fails to intrigue me, and I have to say the same thing about Donald Sutherland.  The shocking secret-affair revelation, and the outright hatred that the Brian character has for the show’s moral compass, Nick, was well played.  Natalie Zea stole the show with her “I’m only loved for my money but I will always love Nick” performance.  Hands down, one of the best new shows we’re getting this year!

Bones, “The Widow’s Son in the Windshield” – I was never a big believer in David Boreanaz as a wonderful dramatic actor, which is why I think that his role in Bones is so perfect.  This is a show that is extremely scientific and based in the crazy world of anthropology, but Boreanaz’s comedic side shows and he and Emily Deschanel have some of the best chemistry on the small screen.  The team was out in full force, all attempting to solve the big mystery.  You could literally see them gel together the minute Zack came back to work.  They don’t need to reinvent the wheel to provide a solidly entertaining hour.

It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, “The Aluminum Monster vs. Fatty Magoo” – I love this show.  I’m one of the biggest supporters, and this episode had me laughing harder than I have in a while.  There were so many sight gags, and the fact that Judy Greer, whom I’ve loved since Jawbreaker (Fern Mayo!), was there, just made it worth watching.  My favorite parts came when Charlie made an attempt to shop lift in 4 baseball caps, a hoodie, a polo, a t-shirt, and an ugly woman’s belt.  I also loved Dee’s inability to draw, and Dennis….well, the fact that Glenn Howerton had the gall to put on that shiny silver dress?  Classic.

Chuck, “Pilot” – Zachary Levi was never on my radar. I didn’t watch Less Than Perfect, I didn’t actually know who he was until all of the Comic Con “I Love Zachary Levi” reports started popping up everywhere.  But I watched the Chuck pilot, and can’t believe I didn’t start the Levi love sooner.  He’s charming, completely believable as this geek, I’m sorry, Nerd, who is better with computers than with actual human interaction.  Sarah Lancaster didn’t annoy me as his sister, which is a good sign, because I don’t always love her.  It was a solid hour that definitely has me wanting to see more!

The Office, “Fun Run” – Um, PB&J anyone?  The way that John Krasinski and Jenna Fischer played the Jim and Pam-dating revelation, it was just absolutely swoon-worthy and I hope the writers don’t go with a big apocalyptic disaster for their relationship before we fans get to enjoy them.  Michael was just over the top enough in his believable role as a supporter for the Rabid.  It really did keep me laughing the entire time.