EXCLUSIVE : UNDERGROUND Season 2: Shining The Spotlight on Costume Designer Karyn Wagner


One of the amazing aspects of any film or television show is the artistry that goes into its wardrobe selections and costume designs. One such outstanding artist is costume designer Karyn Wagner whose work has been seen throughout films such as “The Notebook” and “The Green Mile” and the television series FRIDAY NIGHT LIGHTS, UNDERGROUND … Read more

UNDERGROUND Season 2 Premiere Review

Underground Season 2 Cast Photo

WGN America’s UNDERGROUND begins its second season this week. Starting about five months after the freshman run’s finale, we quickly pick up the stories of most of our characters, more or less where we left them. Time has passed, but it’s been relatively uneventful. Something tells me, after watching the first episode, that that won’t … Read more


underground cast wgn america

WGN America’s newest series is UNDERGROUND. Set in the pre-Civil War Days, it follows a swath of representative Americans, both black and white, slaves and free, at a pivotal, conflict-ridden time for our country, just before full-scale war erupts. It’s a period we’ve seen before, most notably in Roots, but never in a successful, ongoing … Read more