The Slap - Season 1 NBC

NBC’s new mini-series, THE SLAP, premiered last night. Based on the book of the same name, and following a successful Australian adaptation, this drama tells the story of a man slapping a child who is not his own at a party and the fallout from the incident. It will unfold over eight weeks, presumably showing … Read more



BETTER CALL SAUL doesn’t shy away from its roots. Last night’s series premiere on AMC, “Uno,” begins a little bit after Breaking Bad ended. Saul Goodman (Bob Odenkirk) has relocated to Omaha, Nebraska and is the sad, pathetic manager of a mall Cinnabon. The highlight of his day is going home to his little house, … Read more

THE WALKING DEAD Recap Season 4 Episode 3 Isolation

Three episodes into the fourth season, AMC’s THE WALKING DEAD only continues to get more intense. The latest installment, “Isolation,” finds the prison population continuing to struggle with the illness that had taken hold, more and more people displaying symptoms. Separating the infected from the others isn’t helping, and the possibility of antibiotics is far … Read more

GRIMM Review Season 3 Episode 1 The Ungrateful Dead

NBC’s GRIMM left us on a heck of a cliffhanger last spring, with Nick (David Giuntoli) captured and zombie-fied, and his friends surrounded by The Baron’s (Reg E. Cathey) minions. This week’s season three premiere, “The Ungrateful Dead,” picks up right where that hour left off. In fact, it picks up prior to where last … Read more


NBC’s DRACULA, premiering this week paired with Grimm, is surprisingly good! It has not been taken to the modern day (although the 1890s is modern by Dracula-legend standards), does not have anyone solving crimes, allows most characters to speak with non-American accents, and is set in London, England. I never thought one of the Big … Read more


This week, ABC Family spins off its popular Pretty Little Liars with RAVENSWOOD. Set in a town with the same name as the show, Caleb Rivers (Tyler Blackburn) from PLL finds his face on a tombstone, as well as that of new friend Miranda Collins (Nicole Gale Anderson, Beauty and the Beast). This convinces him … Read more

REIGN Review

The CW’s newest series is called REIGN. It’s an historical drama about Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots (Adelaide Kane, Teen Wolf). As the tale begins, an assassination attempt is made on Mary, who is living in a nunnery, so she is sent to France, where the boy she is engaged to, Prince Francis (Toby Regbo, … Read more


FX’s AMERICAN HORROR STORY begins its third outing this week. Subtitled COVEN, this year’s story is about witches. There is a school in New Orleans where young girls with special powers can be sent for training. With the reputation and wide-spread knowledge about the facility, and the existence of magic in general, slipping away, senior … Read more


It’s hard to write a review of Lifetime’s WITCHES OF EAST END “Pilot” without spoilers, though I’ll try to do my best. That’s because this is a slow-burn first episode, introducing us to various characters, and only late in the hour revealing what’s really going on in the story. I like this structure, giving us … Read more


The Originals Cast

Last year, the CW decided to develop a spin-off to its popular show The Vampire Diaries. Called THE ORIGINALS, a backdoor pilot was integrated as an installment of TVD last spring, appropriately titled “The Originals.” This week, THE ORIGINALS’ own series premiere, “Always and Forever,” airs. For regular viewers of TVD, it will seem awfully … Read more


The Millers CBS Cast

Will Arnett (Arrested Development) didn’t have to worry about getting worry about getting work after the fiasco of Up All Night’s second season; he immediately bounced back with THE MILLERS on CBS. Buoyed by an extremely talented ensemble cast, the show is yet another family sitcom, but because of the players on it, has a … Read more