The Game BBC America

BBC America begins airing the six-part period spy drama THE GAME this week. Set in 1970s Cold War Britain, it features a cat-and-mouse game of espionage between the KGB and MI5, racing against time to stop deep conspiracies full of hidden cells and double-agents. It is created and written by Toby Whitehouse of Being Human … Read more

EXCLUSIVE: Shining the Spotlight on BLACK JESUS and THE GAME star Andra Fuller

Andra Fuller

It is always fantastic to watch a young actor break out.  In the case of Andra Fuller, he not only provided a raw, captivating performance in the 2012 series THE L.A. COMPLEX, he kept up his hot-streak by landing a co-starring role on Adult Swim’s BLACK JESUS, while simultaneously starring in his webseries “RoomieLoverFriends”.  Andra … Read more