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[quote_regular name=”” icon_quote=”no”]BACKSTROM Scoop:  Rainn Wilson Talks Return of Backstrom’s Ex-Fiance and the Show’s Remarkable Cast Chemistry[/quote_regular] As Fox’s new drama series BACKSTROM gains momentum, viewers are getting to see that its principal character of Everett Backstrom is not quite the prick(ly) as advertised, and there is a good reason he distrusts criminals on sight … Read more



FOX’s new series BACKSTROM is from the mind of Hart Hanson, creator of Bones and The Finder. Even if you did not know this going into the pilot, “Dragon Slayer,” it would be easy to see the similarities to those other shows because of a near-copy of tone and format. As a fan of Hanson, … Read more

BACKSTROM: Rainn Wilson Previews His New TV Series of a Detective Hell-Bent on Putting Criminals Away

Backstrom Rainn Wilson

Based not the books by Leif GW Persson and brought to television by BONES creator Hart Hanson, BACKSTROM is Fox’s new drama series of a prickly (or prick, depending on how you look at it) detective that will chase down every last criminal on the planet, if given the chance, and does not care who … Read more