Hulu Picks Up Second Installment Of Peabody-Award Winning Drama Series NATIONAL TREASURE

National Treasure follows Paul Finchley, an ageing, beloved comedian, a hero to TV audiences and peers alike, after he is arrested following an allegation of rape dating back to the 90s. The four-part drama follows the story from arrest through to verdict and focuses both on the investigation, and the effect of the case on Paul and his family; his wife of 40 years, Marie, and his troubled daughter, Dee. National Treasure is a story that goes behind the headlines to look at the human and emotional impact when a whole life is called into question. It explores memory, truth, age, doubt, and how well we really know ourselves and those close to us. From left, Dee Finchley (Andrea Riseborouch), Paul Finchley (Robbie Coltrane) and Marie Finchley (Julie Waters), shown. (Photo credit: Hulu

The company today revealed that a second, four-part installment of the Peabody Award-winning drama series – National Treasure – will premiere in its entirety on April 4th as part of the Hulu Originals slate. After its record-breaking debut on Channel 4 in the UK, season two — titled Kiri — will make its US-debut only on Hulu. The … Read more