MHz Networks Announces The Release Of SPIRAL Season 6

Caroline Proust (Laure Berthaud) in 'Spiral' Season 6

On Tuesday June 5, 2018 MHz Networks will premiere Spiral: Season 6 on their streaming service, MHz Choice. Originally released in France as Engrenages, the hard-hitting Parisian cop thriller Spiral became a critically acclaimed blockbuster success across Europe and Australia and won the International Emmy Award for Best Drama. BAFTA nominee Caroline Proust returns as … Read more

MHz Choice Announces May Premieres

May 1: Arne Dahl – The Final Season Arne Dahl is a Swedish police procedural based on the novels of Jan Arnald, who published his fantastic series of crime books under the pen name Arne Dahl. Kerstin Holm leads a brand new ‘A Unit’ when the group is reformed after a series of brutal murders … Read more