Klondike Discovery Channel

Discovery Channel’s first scripted miniseries, KLONDIKE, tells the story of the gold rush in Alaska in the late 1890s. It paints a picture of many types of characters who just might make it in a frontier setting, where rules and laws give way to survival of the fittest and nature, as well as the hero … Read more

Abbie Cornish Joins The Cast Of Discovery Mini-Series KLONDIKE


It was announced today that actress Abbie Cornish will be joining the cast of Discovery Channel’s first-ever, scripted mini-series KLONDIKE (wt), playing the lead female role of Belinda.  Cornish joins KLONDIKE on the heels of filming the upcoming  “RoboCop.”  Additionally, Cornish is known for her roles in “Bright Star,” “Limitless,” “Sucker Punch” and “Stop-Loss,” among … Read more