EXCLUSIVE HAPPYLAND Scoop: Stars Katherine McNamara, Ryan Rottman and Cameron Moulene Tease Season 1

Happyland Cast MTV

Imagine the happiest place on Earth.  If you thought of Disneyland, then all its promotions are working.  But in the case of MTV’s new series, the happiest place on Earth is known as HAPPYLAND.  It is a theme park where there are princes and princesses, giant stuff animals, roller coasters and just everything that an … Read more


Bianca Santos as 'Lucy' & Shane Harper as 'Ian' in costume Happyland MTV

MTV’s newest venture, HAPPYLAND, seems more like an ABC Family series than a program that belongs on the network once home to music videos. The half hour dramedy features much drama, mostly at the hands of an extremely rare situation, one that most viewers will never experience or even meet someone who has experienced. The … Read more