All-New Season Of GOLD RUSH: DAVE TURIN’S LOST MINE Premieres March 19 On Discovery+ And Discovery Channel

Miner Dave Turin returns for an epic and emotional journey in an all-new season of GOLD RUSH: DAVE TURIN’S LOST MINE premiering Friday, March 19 on discovery+ and Discovery Channel. After pandemic travel restrictions make Dave’s plans of mining in Alaska impossible, Team Turin finally sets up their operation in Colorado. Armed with an all-new state-of-the-art wash plant, … Read more

EXCLUSIVE Sneak Peek : Christo Doyle Returning As Host Of THE DIRT

Christo Doyle

Big news for fans of Discovery’s Gold Rush. Christo Doyle is returning as host of The Dirt, premiering Friday at 8 PM ET/PT on Discovery.

Viewers will recognize Doyle from his time as host for three seasons of the popular Gold Rush pre-show. And there is no one possibly better suited for the job. Doyle has a way of connecting with the miners and getting the inside scoop like no one else. Perhaps it’s from his time once serving as executive producer for the first six seasons of Gold Rush, which still remains the network’s highest-rated program after 9 seasons on air beating everything in its path on Friday nights.

The Dirt will give the inside scoop on everything that went down this year. Fans will be given the opportunity to interact with the miners and get access to behind-the-scenes, cutting room floor material that never makes it into the show. Also, the show will give viewers an opportunity to check out the all-new competition series “Master of Arms,” which premieres after Gold Rush this Friday at 10 PM ET/PT on Discovery. The miners will even put to the test when the expert judges from “Master of Arms” stops by the set.

There is no doubt Doyle will have a lot to discuss this season – as Gold Rush returned this season with new miners, new rivalries and brand-new claims. We know we’re excited to see him back and get the real scoop on the new season and all the behind-the-scenes drama. We know that we’re excited to see his big return!

Be sure to check it out this Friday, November 2 at 8 PM ET/PT, right before an all-new episode of Gold Rush at 9 PM ET/PT on Discovery.

EXCLUSIVE : GOLD RUSH Season Premiere Sneak Peek Clip

It’s a new beginning for GOLD RUSH – new miners, new rivalries and brand-new claims. This season, the miners will stop at nothing as they risk it all in pursuit of the American Dream. But who will come out on top? Discovery’s #1-rated show GOLD RUSH returns for its ninth season on Friday, October 12 at 9 PM ET/PT.

This year, Rick Ness has decided to step it up and become a mine boss with a claim of his own. He’s seen it all – and put in the grunt work – after working six years under fellow miner Parker Schnabel. Rick cashes in his life savings and literally puts everything on the line. But is he ready? In the off-season, Rick spent most of his time nursing his mother until she passed away. As a result, he’s far behind the others as they race into the mining season. But that isn’t his only uphill battle. Rick has recruited a crew of his Wisconsin buddies, who leave behind their jobs, families and homes, to take a chance on of striking it rich. But only time will tell if his dad’s prediction will come true that “he’ll come home broke with no friends.” The stakes don’t come much higher this year for Rick.

While gold miner and rival Todd Hoffman is out, things aren’t any easier for 23-year-old Parker Schnabel. As the new season kicks off, Parker finds himself in a land war with legendary Klondike miner Tony Beets. Parker’s initial plan was to return to Tony’s ground – the richest he’s ever mined – and deliver more than 6,000 ounces of gold worth $7.2 million dollars. But things go south when he tries to negotiate a royalty rate and must move to another claim. The plan doesn’t sit well for Tony – who could lose millions – and he’s determined to teach young Parker a lesson. It’s a tough start for Parker – especially without having Rick or his long-term girlfriend Ashley by his side.

Meanwhile, legendary Klondike miner Tony Beets has a masterplan this year – to get the two ancient dredges mining and turning around some major profit. And he’s determined that nobody, especially Parker, will get in his way. Tony’s also looking ahead at his kids’ future and is doubling down on everything this year including dredges, barges and gold. He’s also not afraid of a good challenge – and has vowed to match Parker’s lofty $72 million season goal. And if one thing is certain – he’ll run as many wash plants as it takes to ensure he beats his young rival.

Also returning this year is the GOLD RUSH pre-show The Dirt, a series of one-hour shows, beginning 8 PM ET/PT on Friday, October 12. The Dirt will give the inside scoop on everything that went down this year. Fans will be given the opportunity to interact with the miners and get access to behind-the-scenes, cutting room floor material that never makes it into the show.

This year’s GOLD RUSH will be unlike anything seen before. Each week, the gold total will be tallied, pushing the miners to their limits to prove who is ultimately on top. And for viewers who want to catch up on prior seasons, GOLD RUSH is available to binge on Discovery GO, the network’s live and on demand TV Everywhere streaming service, and through TV providers – free with their subscription.

GOLD RUSH is produced for Discovery Channel by Raw Television, where Dimitri Doganis, James Bates and Mike Gamson are executive producers and Justin Kelly is co-executive producer. For Discovery Channel, Matthew Vafiadis is executive producer and Greg Wolf is coordinating producer.

GOLD RUSH Season Premiere Sneak Peek Clip

Discovery Sets Live Broadcast Of GOLD RUSH With Big Announcement

The miners are at war with the rivalry reaching new heights. Discovery Channel announced today that it will broadcast a live Gold Rush special with an announcement that will forever change the network’s #1-rated show. Hosted by TV personality and singer/songwriter Matt Rogers, ‘GOLD RUSH LIVE’ will air live on Discovery Channel on Friday, February 16 at 8 PM ET/PT. The episode will be followed by all-new episodes of Gold Rush at 9 PM ET/PT and ‘GOLD RUSH: WHITE WATER’ at 10 PM ET/PT.

The gloves are off as Rogers sits down with mine bosses Tony Beets, Parker Schnabel and Todd Hoffman to get their unfiltered thoughts. Plus, there will be surprise guests, fun games and other unexpected moments.

Anything can happen in this special 1-hour live broadcast where the miners will dish stories about what really went down and discuss season highlights as they field real-time audience phone calls and Facebook questions throughout the broadcast.

GOLD RUSH is produced for Discovery Channel by Raw Television, where Dimitri Doganis, James Bates and Mike Gamson are executive producers and Tim Dalby and Edward Gorsuch are series producers. For Discovery Channel, Matthew Vafiadis and Bill Howard are executive producers and Greg Wolf is coordinating producer.

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