Syfy’s 12 MONKEYS Season 4: Unraveling The Witness’ Final Plan

12 MONKEYS -- "The End" Episode 401 -- Pictured: (l-r) Aaron Stanford as James Cole, Amanda Schull as Cassandra Railly -- (Photo by: Ben Mark Holzberg/SYFY)

Welcoming back Syfy’s 12 MONKEYS for its fourth and final season is as expected: a pure sci-fi treat. As fans have become accustomed during the prior three seasons, 12 MONKEYS is a time-wimey, twisty tale of true love, devotion, and sacrifice. What began simply as a tale of star-crossed love when a man from the future fell in love with a virologist while trying to save the world and the future of mankind, became something so much more — a richer, layered science fiction tale that transcended time. 12 MONKEYS is about the many ways love will conquer all evil and how it will always win in the end.

Season 1 introduced the epic love story of Cassie (Amanda Schull) and Cole (Aaron Stanford), where Cole ventured from the post-apocalyptic world of 2043 to present day 2015 and met Cassie and stopped the spread of a viral plague that would, if not stopped, decimate the entire planet.

Season 2 took Cassie and Cole further down the “rabbit hole” of the Army of the 12 Monkeys and their insidious plan to send genetically-mutated Messengers back to key points in time and change history. But all that did was ensure that Cassie and Cole finally found a way to express their love and had a child that foreshadowed the end of time itself.

Season 3 was the search for Cassie and Cole’s son, who was thought to be the Witness — who was intent on destroying time itself — and the labyrinthine twists of fate and destiny that culminated in one more shocking reveal: their son was not the Witness after all.

Season 4 is a race to stop the Witness and preserve the timeline so it remains intact for the future and save everyone Cassie and Cole care about from being erased from time in the process.

Joining in this epic journey are Cassie and Cole’s stalwart and dedicated team of time warriors: Jennifer Goines (Emily Hampshire), Deacon (Todd Stashwick), Dr. Katarina Jones (Barbara Sukowa), and Jones’ daughter Hannah (Brooke Williams). There is also a few fun cameo appearances from friends they thought had been lost in time, such as Agent Gale (Jay Karnes) and Marcus Whitley (Demore Barnes). No matter how back back in time, how many times they have watched their friends and comrades in this crazy time-war vanish or perish, time manages to bend in ways that ensures that there is no such time as “gone forever.” Even the loss of Cassie and Cole’s son Ethan (James Callis) feels like it is just a whisper in time that is waiting to be revived right before our eyes.

12 MONKEYS is like the ultimate magic trick — it offers distractions, misdirections and elaborate illusions that make you question all that you see and believe. Only one thing can be trusted: 12 MONKEYS is at its core a love-story. Viewers and fans only have to trust that love binds all of the characters and holds them and will lead them to find a way to reward that never-ending love. Many will say that 12 MONKEYS is a tale about time — but never doubt that it is actually a love story. Focus on the love and it will find a way.

To see where this love story ends, be sure to tune in for the Season 4 premiere that airs 3 episodes in one night on Friday, June 15th, followed by 3 more episodes on Friday, June 22nd, 3 more episodes on Friday, June 29th and the final 3 episodes on Friday, July 6th. Wherever Season 4 leads, you are going to want to follow. Trust me. It’s worth it.

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