SWAMP LOGGERS Season 2 Premiere Sneak Peek Clips

All-new Season 2 of SWAMP LOGGERS kicks off with a new crew member, some difficult neighbors and a crippling winter storm that threatens to stop the crews cold on their tracts.  New crew member William “Big Red” Woodcock’s first day will be trial by fire as the crew pushes to get the last remaining logs out of the swamp, lay down the all-important log road, battle repairs on the main stumper and deal with angry adjacent landowners. To top off the myriad of challenges, an unexpected winter storm creates dangerous work conditions and forces the crews to shut down operations at a time when they can’t afford to stop working.

SWAMP LOGGERS profiles fourth generation logger Bobby Goodson, one of the rare breed of swamp loggers working the murky and dangerous swamps of North Carolina in search of high value timber.  The family owned operation works through the cold, wet winter and into the scorching summer, battling extreme conditions – unexpected weather, mechanical breakdowns, health crises, and more – all while constantly pushing to grow the business during a time of economic uncertainty.

Premiering On Discovery Channel Friday, June 17 at 10pm E/P