SUPERNATURAL Interview With Lauren Cohan

Chit Chat Gal Talks With Lauren Cohan About ‘Supernatural’

Jensen and Lauren Photo

The cast seems like such a tight knit group. Initially was it a little weird joining the show or did they make you feel like one of the family right away?
You would think it might be a little weird to come into a show after it has been on for awhile but everyone was really nice and gracious and right away made me feel like their little sister.
There is a a lot of controversy from the fans about adding you and Katie to the cast this year. Have you heard about this controversy and how do you feel about it?
Yeah I have definitely heard about it.  I understand where the fans are coming from because they are very protective of these guys and don’t want these girls coming on to the show especially as love interests or to dumb down the show in any way.  But our characters are not being brought on to be love interests for the boys we are there to truly make their lives very difficult and nothing more.  But it is exciting to join a show that has such a great fan base and is protective of the characters and I do understand their being wary.
What is one thing Bela is going to bring to the series that the die hard fans are going to love?
My character Bela is really brought on to make trouble and to make the boys life Hell.  Every-time she is involved in something that they are involved in she sets out to cause a problem and she is a mercenary not a hunter so she is really in it all for herself. If say selling something to another country that is illegal will get her money that is something she would do because it is what is best for Bela.  But I also know that the character is going to grow as the season goes on.
As you mentioned Bela is a mercenary where as the boys are hunters.  This is a new type of character for Supernatural, so tell me a little bit more about how she is introduced to the show.
She is basically introduced throughout a few shows.  The boys are trying to accomplish something and she comes in and messes it up for them and puts something into motion that causes some problems and they have to figure out what is going on and by whom.
Did you have to do a lot of physical training for fight scenes before you started and how is that going?
Actually I haven’t had to do a lot of training. My character Bela is more a sneak in and out of a job and get it done, she is very sly so the big physical stuff isn’t necessary.  Katie’s new character is into doing a lot of martial arts so she has had some training.  The only training I have had to do so far is learning how to use guns.  I mean I haven’t even fought any demons yet.
Did you do any research before starting this show?
I was told that Bela is kind of the female Humphrey Bogart.  But really I am getting my influence from Catherine Zeta Jones’ character in Entrapment who is very sneaky and has a dark past.  I just had to realize that Bela doesn’t do nice things and has this dark past and kind of build on that to create her.
Had you seen any of the episodes of Supernatural before you auditioned?
I had seen one episode but I had only been in the states a few months before I auditioned so I didn’t have much time. But since then I have done my DVD homework and caught up.
Jared and Jensen are notorious for the pranks they like to play, have you been pranked yet and if so how?
You know not completely and I think part of it is I am totally on my toes and expecting it to happen so nothing big has happened to me yet.  But there were a few things that have happened that were kind of funny.  The first was we were doing a scene in a safe house and it was an older house with rat traps all over and Jared thought it would be funny to randomly just throw the traps at people to see if in think fast mode they would try and catch them or not and a few people did and of course it hurts to catch them.  

And the second was kind of painful and of my own doing.  We were filming this intense scene where I am sitting in a chair and get up and walk around it and when we got to the filming of the close up shot the chair didn’t fit into the scene so I was sitting on a apple box and they told me as soon as I got up they would move the box out of the way and well I got up and started some of the lines and messed up on one and before they could yell cut I said let’s continue and I went to go and sit back down (having forgot that the box was gone) and as I was in slow motion making the move to sit down I locked eyes with Jared and we both realize what is going to happen and then I fell on my tuckus and everyone breaks up laughing which was good after the intenseness of the scene.
Classic rock is such a big part of the show. Will Bela have her own classic rock song? And if not what do you think it should be?
You know I love the soundtrack of the show and I guess it can’t be released which I wish it could. I actually recently kind of wondered myself what they would do with Bela as far as a Classic Rock song.  I kind of think they might need to go in a different direction for her because she is so different than the boys something more devilish, but if we could choose based on Lauren’s tracks I would say something by Billy Idol or Led Zeppelin or something.
What has been the coolest/favorite thing about working on the show?
So far my favorite scene was one I did very recently with the character of Gordon.  It is a face off type thing and I was able to not feel bad about being mean to a character for the first time and I loved being able to play it.