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Spore Islands Now Live On FaceBook, and It’s Free!

Spore Islands Now Live On FaceBook, and It’s Free!


Spore Islands Now Live On FaceBook, and It’s Free!

Hey! There’s a brand-spankin’-new, free Spore game to play, right on FaceBook, where you already spend half the day anyway!  You’re welcome!  See, we do care about you!

Yes, today the fine folks at Maxis have announced the arrival of Spore Islands to the ubiquitous social networking platform, and if you’re not there already, you’re wasting valuable time that you could be wasting.  Spore Islands is a 2D game developed specifically for FaceBook in which you’ll choose an island to live on, and then create and evolve creatures to inhabit the island. You can then invite your FaceBook friend to live on the island, and send your own creatures to their islands, with the goal of dominating as many islands as possible.  As you play, you’ll also be able to earn and purchase DNA points to upgrade your creatures and customize their appearance, while leaderboards will track how you’re doing against friends.

Blame it on FarmVille, or teenagers, or teenagers’ parents, or all those stupid quizzes.  Whoever’s fault it is, social networks like FaceBook are only getting bigger, so it’s natural that Electronic Arts, your friendly neighborhood game publisher, would see it as a fresh opportunity for gaming. Because that’s what we do. We think about games all the time. Even when we shouldn’t be, like when our spouses are trying to tell us about their day. But our obsession is your gain.

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For the full report, read the official press release, and to learn more about the Spore franchise, visit the Official Website.

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