Spike TV Announces Non-Scripted Original Pilots

Spike TV announces an ambitious new slate of non-scripted original pilots aimed at the network’s core audience of Men 18-34, while also appealing to the network’s expanding audience of Men 35-49.  The pilots in development follow a distinctive theme of authentic characters in a high risk/high reward environment, similar to that of the network’s new crop of successful original series, “Auction Hunters,” “Coal” and “Repo Games.”

The new group of projects comes from many of the industry’s leading producers in developing successful non-scripted series including SallyAnn Salsano (“Jersey Shore,” “Repo Games“) and Ben Silverman (“Mob Wives”), among others.

“Each pilot showcases real, genuine men immersed in situations where the stakes are truly significant,” said Sharon Levy, executive vice president, original series, Spike TV.  ”We are thrilled to partner with some of the brightest minds in the industry to unearth some of these larger-than-life characters.”

The list of non-scripted pilots, overseen by Levy and Tim Duffy, senior vice president of original series, includes (*please note all are working titles):


From battling merciless street gangs to combating violent drug cartels along the border, America’s sheriff’s departments bravely square off against dangerous criminals every day.  There is one man with the credentials and expertise in law enforcement to help sheriff departments take their game to the next level in these trying times.  With 15 years of experience in the intelligence community on three continents, Tony Schiena is among the most acclaimed law enforcement experts in the country. The National Sheriff’s Association has tasked Schiena and his team to upgrade their branches in order to meet the ever-rising threat of crime.  ”The Sheriff” will go behind the scenes and hit the streets with Schiena and his team as they put their crime-fighting skills to use.  Each week, they will visit a new department facing a different issue, and cameras will follow Schiena and his team every step of the way from introducing the latest surveillance methods to demonstrating lethal hand-to-hand combat techniques.  ”The Sheriff” is produced by Ben Silverman, founder and CEO of multimedia studio Electus (“Mob Wives,” “The Office,” “The Tudors,” “Biggest Loser”) and Craig Armstrong, Tod Mesirow and Rick Ringbakk of Emmy-winning 5×5 Media (“Extreme Makeover: Home Edition,” “Amazing Race,” “Jamie Oliver‘s Food Revolution”), a full-service production company in an overall production and distribution agreement within the Electus studio system.


An actual pawn shop will become the set of the most unconventional game show on television in “Pawn Games.”  From the creative mind behind “Jersey Shore” and “Repo Games,” this innovative new series gives unsuspecting people a chance to win back their prized possessions they have just traded for a quick buck.  In order to reacquire their goods, the contestant will face a series of questions and challenges, similar to the classic “Let’s Make A Deal,” utilizing the items found in the pawn shop.  ”Pawn Games” is produced 495 Productions (“Jersey Shore,” “Repo Games,” “More to Love,” “Tool Academy,” “My Big Friggin Wedding”).  SallyAnn Salsano serves as executive producer.


The men who work the most dangerous jobs on the planet often share three things in common – specialized skill, bravery in the face of danger, and epic appetites.  To satisfy their prodigious food needs, highly-skilled chefs are required who have experience feeding men and meeting their nutritional needs under the worst possible conditions.  These chefs not only feed them, but create incredible high-end cuisine found in the world’s most exclusive restaurants. Hosted by the working-man’s chef, STRETCH, “Hungry Men At Work” tells the story of these extraordinarily-skilled chefs and the immense obstacles they must overcome.  Each episode focuses on chefs working in imposing situations facing physical and emotional challenges from leaving their families for months at a time to braving harsh environments.  From feeding 300 firemen as they battle wilderness wildfires or 1,000 fearless souls on an isolated oil rig in the Arctic, the show will explore the logistics of feeding high quality food in mass quantities.  ”Hungry Men at Work” is produced by David Page and Page Productions (“Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives”).


Todd Howard is a professional evictor who will bring viewers to the front door of the most despicable, dirty, outrageous, dangerous, and insane tenants he has ever known.  Howard and his eviction team consisting of his wife, Randy, and his business partner, Rick, are hired to keep tabs on over 150 residential, commercial, and retail units.  When Howard and his team knock on the door, they never know what to expect, and what kind of story will play out on the other side.  The show is produced by Barry Poznick and John Stevens of Zoo Productions (“Southern Fried Stings”).


Three deal hunters are looking for their next big score.  But they’re not doing it in pawn shops, storage units, or even at auctions.  This time, these bargain-based treasure hunters with varied collectible backgrounds are being set loose on their prime target: your home.  Each week, these enterprising men go head to head with each other as they raid a home looking for valuables.  They’ll rummage through the garage, the attic and even through private nooks and crannies to find hidden collectables and historical items like antique guns, old cars, and even a medieval suit of armor.  It’s their job to outbid and outplay one another all the while persuading the homeowners to part with their goods for cash.  ”Auction in My House” is based on the hit RDF Media format “Secret Dealers” and is produced by Zodiak USA (“Secret Millionaire,” “Hardcore Pawn”).  Executive Producers include Natalka Znak and Claire O’Donohoe for Zodiak.


Josh T. Ryan (Showtime’s “Lock ‘N Load”) prides himself on being the best salesman alive who has sold everything from cars to guns.  To him, the art of the deal is what’s most important. The ultimate American capitalist, Ryan puts his master mercantile skills to the test each week in “The Hustler.” His challenge will be to outsell another top salesman in their respective business.  Ryan will take viewers into the unexplored world of items sold that week and give us insight into how these products are marketed, made, and sold for big bucks with each episode culminating in a friendly wager to see who can outsell each other.  ”The Hustler” is produced by The Jay and Tony Show and RelativityREAL.  Jay Blumenfield, Tony Marsh and Tom Forman are executive producers.