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Sony Playstation POWERS Season 2: Things I Loved From Visiting the Set

Sony Playstation POWERS Season 2: Things I Loved From Visiting the Set

Jennifer Schadel

Last fall, I was invited on an press junket to visit the set of Sony Playstation’s POWERS in Atlanta.  When I arrived, I was immediately struck by a few things: (1) I still miss Retro Girl! (2) Susan Heyward is a sweetheart, but while watching her film as her character of Deena Pilgrim with such intensity, the thought “I would never mess with her” did go through my mind; and (3) Justice Leak is so fun and entertaining that a day at an amusement park would be boring compared to a day of hanging out with him.

In hope of capturing some of the infectious joy of visiting the POWERS set that day, here are some fun behind-the-scenes photos of my day playing in their world:

“Wishing I could live in Christian Walker’s apartment”


“Emma and I are hard at work on the POWERS set. No bad guys are safe!”


“I wish working on the POWERS set was my full-time job!”


“I could never work in the POWERS props department.”


“Christine went out after getting some special attention in the make-up department — and people were actually afraid to look at her!”


“How about a kiss, handsome?”


“Christine is ready for a night on the town!”


“No one can save Emma from me now! Mawaahhhaaaa!!!”


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“Another hard working day on the POWERS set.”


“Emma and I are planning our escape.”


“Welcome to my city!”


At the end of the day, the one thought I had was: I hope I get to come back and play again one day!  But what I learned was: it must be incredible to work on such a cool set every day and the actors, writers, directors and crew are very lucky.

It was a privilege and pleasure to be invited into the POWERS world, even for just a day.  Grateful to @PowerstheSeries #POWERSonPS

Photo credit:  Copyright Sony Pictures Television/PlayStation, Photo Credit Richard DuCree

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