SONS OF GUNS On Discovery Channel Sneak Peek Clips

THE BAZOOKA/KRIS’ BIRTHDAY, 9PM ET/PT: Will and his Red Jacket crew build a bazooka for a WWII re-enactment client. To ensure that the bazooka rockets are safe, gunsmith Joe runs a test fire — and his target is Will! Also, Will surprises apprentice Kris with a generous birthday gift.

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TOMMY GUN/MACHETE, 9:30PM ET/PT: The local sheriff asks Will to convert a semi-automatic Tommy Gun into a modern, fully automatic weapon. Also, forensics firearms expert Charlie tackles the impossible: a Samurai sword-like machete. Later, Kris gets into the spirit of converting the Tommy Gun by regaling the Red Jacket crew with his, er, fantastic 1920’s gangster impression.

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Wednesday on Discovery Channel: Two back-to-back episodes of new hit series SONS OF GUNS