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SONS OF GUNS American Chopper Gun Sneak Peek Clips

Kris gets the idea to do a chromed out, 1919 machine gun with a dragon painted on it. Vince loves the idea and wants to add to it a handlebar trigger system. Will realizes they need experts in chrome and handlebars to pull this one off: the boys from Discovery’s American Chopper. And, of course, that means an invite to Baton Rouge for Paul Jr. and team to test the tricked out gun. Meanwhile, world-class speed shooter Jerry Miculek walks into Red Jacket looking to alter a Bulgarian Krink. Will shows off his integrally suppressed AK47 when Jerry challenges Will to a bet: if he can fire this AK in single fire mode faster with his finger than someone pulling the trigger on a fully automatic AK, Will owes Jerry a custom Red Jacket gun free of charge. But can he pull it off?

– New Episode Premieres on Discovery Channel Wednesday, July 27 at 9PM ET/PT –

SONS OF GUNS American Chopper Gun Sneak Peek Clips

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