So You Think You Can Dance And Snuggle Partner On Happy Dance Contest


To launch new Snuggle with FRESH release, Snuggle is partnering with SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE to celebrate Happy Dances: fun, spontaneous moves that release the freshness of Snuggle.

Snuggle wants to see your very own spontaneous and fun celebration dance. In other words, show Snuggle your Happy Dance.

Why? With FRESH release, Snuggle reawakens your senses with little lifts of just washed freshness every time you move all day long. All you need to do is simply make a move and feel the freshness. It's perfect for Happy Dance moves!

During So You Think You Can Dance results episodes on Thursdays, you can catch members of the public showing off their own Happy Dances.

Viewers like you could also see your Happy Dance on air and win a trip to the SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE finale in Los Angeles. All you need to do is to enter the Snuggle Happy Dance Contest.

Go to and upload your very own Happy Dance video. It's that simple!

New Snuggle with FRESH release, just a little movement is all it takes to put a spring in your step.

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