Smithsonian Channel To Air Hidden Armor, Found Treasures

“Hidden Armor, Found Treasures”, a new series dedicated to exploring the antique arms, armor, militaria and other treasures, will be airing on Smithsonian Channel throughout December and January.   The announcement was made by David Royle, Executive Vice President, Programming and Production for Smithsonian Networks.

The three, thirty minute shows feature Greg Martin as the main host, with co-host Malou Nubla, a two-time Emmy Award winning television host.  Martin is a nationally-known antique weapons specialist and collector, TV personality and author who heads the San Francisco auction house bearing his name and is the leading auction house in the U.S. for antique arms and armor.

“Hidden Armor, Found Treasures” originates in San Francisco, but showcases various “finds” from across the country.  There are four key elements to “Hidden Armor, Found Treasures” appraisals, where guests bring their potential treasures to be valued by the experts; home visits, so viewers can see the items in context of a person’s home; demonstrations that delve into the mechanics of weapons and show how they work; and the actual sales of some items at auction, so viewers can follow the process and see what happens when these items actually come to market.  The series will focus on things like guns, swords and knives – plus military characters, history, treasure hunting and money thrown in for good measure.

Martin explained that the show features some of the amazing discoveries that people have hidden away in their attics or basements.  “Like searching for Easter eggs, this show captures the thrill of the hunt,” he said.  “We think a program that combines human interest, history, discovery and profit is an authentic reality show that will intrigue many people – and given the subject matter, men in particular.”