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Seat42f Says: Smart People treads on familiar ground so it's ultimately up to the viewer to decide if the story seems too been there done that. My biggest gripe with the film is the characters seem too "real". They all feel like people you know and don't like. Do I want to watch a movie about the people in my life I don't like? Flawed and likable, yes.  Flawed and annoying, not so much. Still, there are plenty of jokes in the first half of the movie and a fantastic cast does the heavy lifting throughout to salvage a workable script. While not Sideways or Juno or even another set in Pittsburgh smart and lost in the world professor flick Wonder Boys fans of the indie genre should find more than enough here to entertain them.
Movie: B-
Extras: B

From producers of Sideways and As Good As it Gets comes Smart People, a witty comedy about a smart, yet lovable dysfunctional family with lots to learn. Coming to DVD and Blu-rayTM Disc on August 12, 2008 from Miramax Films, Smart People comes fully-loaded with an all-star cast, never-before-seen interviews, outtakes and deleted scenes.

Smart People stars Golden Globe® nominee Dennis Quaid (Vantage Point, In Good Company) as Professor Lawrence Wetherhold, four- time Golden Globe® winner Sarah Jessica Parker (Sex in the City, Failure To Launch) as Wetherhold’s former student and love interest, Academy Award® nominee Ellen Page (Juno, X Men: The Last Stand) as Wetherhold’s acid-tongued teenaged daughter and Academy Award® nominee Thomas Haden Church (Sideways, Spanglish) as his amusing under achieving brother.

Directed by first-time feature filmmaker Noam Murro and scripted by novelist Mark Poirier, Smart People has delighted critics across the country with its light-hearted look at a dysfunctional yet resilient clan. Joe Morgenstern of the Wall Street Journal writes that the film is “genuinely witty and smart,” and John Powers of Vogue calls it a “A brisk new comedy.” People magazine’s Leah Rozen praises the film as “Smart and enjoyable.” Additionally, Smart People premiered to acclaim at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival.

Once an idealistic and ambitious academic, Professor Lawrence Wetherhold (Quaid) lost his passion for teaching when he lost his wife. Hunkered-down behind his books, Wetherhold has forgotten how to connect, even with his daughter, the acerbically witty Vanessa (Page). Suddenly a head injury sends Wetherhold to the emergency room where his world spins out of his control. Forced to depend on his brother (Church), a freeloading oddball, for transportation, Wetherhold is surprised to find himself attracted to his ER doctor and former ex-student (Parker) and begins to emerge from his isolation—with surprising consequences for the entire family.

DVD & Blu-ray Bonus Features:
• The Smartest People – interviews with the producers, cast and crew
• Audio Commentary – view the film with commentary by director Noam Murro and writer Mark
Jude Poirier
• Not So Smart – a collection of outtakes from the film
• Deleted Scenes – nine deleted scenes
• Smart People At Sundance – watch exclusive footage from the premiere of Smart People at the
2008 Sundance Film Festival

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